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GNC Total Lean PB Shake

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GNC Total Lean 25 PB shake

This bad boy is packed with 30g of protein! And it is delicious!

What you’ll need…

4-5 ice cubes

1 cup Almond Breeze unsweetened milk

2 scoops GNC Total Lean 25 – Rich Chocolate

2 tbsp PB2 powdered peanut butter

2-3 Truvia packets

Dash of cinnamon

I like to mix everything but 2 Truvia packets, blend well then add the other two packets once in my cup.

Blend well

Cinnamon has several suggested health benefits…

  1. May lower bad cholesterol (LDL)
  2. Has antifungal properties
  3. Has anti-clotting effect on blood.
  4. Natural remedy for eliminating migraines/headaches.
  5. Can helps stabilize blood sugar (which is good for weight loss)

IMPORTANT: It can be toxic in large doses. So just a dash or shake in your coffee/tea or in this case, a smoothie/shake will be plenty enough. 

Also, the PB 2 powdered peanut butter product is AMAZING. I ordered mine from and this is my first time using it. The taste is amazing and using it in smoothies is a great way to eliminate the extra calories and fat regular PB has.

GNC Total Lean 25 PB Shake Nutritional Information: 285 calories, 9g fat, 24g carbs, 7g sugar, 30g protein.

This was my post run fuel, even though I only ran 2 miles. More time constraints…ugh!!! But I pushed myself and tried to make it a worthwhile run.

I should’ve gone for negative splits…oh well. 8:24 overall pace.

Sophie has graduated to a new booster (carseat) !! She has also just been accepted into a preschool program here in SD. We are very excited about that!!

Big girl!

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. Always consult your Dr./Nutritionist if you have questions.

Making Time.

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Make time.

Over the course of studying for my PT cert, I learned about several major diseases that affect Americans and how many of them can be prevented or at least modified. And how my role as a PT is not just to “whip” someone in to shape, but to teach people to be pro-active about their well-being. Which is so much more important than how many bicep curls you can do.

Coronary Heart Disease = leading cause in death in U.S. and most of developed world. So strokes, heart attacks, & hypertension.

Cancer = Just a few short years ago, the American Cancer Society suggested that 1/3 of the 570,280 cancer deaths to occur were related to nutrition, physical inactivity, & obesity. So they could have been prevented. In short, 2/3’s of all cancers are preventable. So cancers like lung, breast cancer, colon cancer, cancer of pancreas, skin cancer, liver cancer – all have risk factors that can be avoided.

Diabetes = National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion says 23.6 million Americans have diabetes (8%) of which those 8%, 90-95% are type 2. Meaning their body does produce insulin but has a high tolerance to it. It used to be called adult-onset, but more and more children are developing type 2. Physical activity and exercise help improve a person’s insulin sensitivity, in turn making it easier for our bodies to utilize the glucose. Obesity is also another major cause of type 2 diabetes.

COPD = 80-90% of individuals suffering from COPD are caused by cigarette smoking. Totally preventable.

You get my point? 

Those numbers were a little sobering to read. Most of which can be controlled and maybe prevented by things like diet, exercise controlling obesity & stress, and avoiding smoking. Now yes, there are intrinsic risk factors that we can’t change RIGHT this second. But the above suggestions are things we can take control of.

Something else that is really crazy…a sedentary lifestyle is characterized as anything less than 30 minutes a day/3 times a week/3 months or less. Basically meaning, if you can’t find time for low-moderate (3.0 speed on a treadmill) intensity workouts 30 minutes a day, at least 3 times a week, you are sedentary. And guess what? That’s a risk factor for CHD. So by adding 1.5 hours A WEEK of low-moderate intensity exercise, you are eliminating a risk factor. 1.5 hours a week…that is seriously not hard.

A huge misconception is people think exercise has to be painful. Like I said above, low-moderate intensity is classified as a speed of 3.0 on a treadmill. Leave the ‘no pain, no gain’ mindset for the elite. Work within your level of fitness and you will start seeing results and eliminating your chances for disease.

My passion is seeing people live their lives happy and healthy. I want to help people become and stay pro-active about their well-being. The above quote is SO true…ignore eating healthy and exercise today and pay for the illness later. Or slowly start turning those positive risk factors in to negatives.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a health specialist. These are all facts obtained by my own research and studying. Consult with your Dr. if you have questions regarding positive risk factors for above diseases. 

Clean Eating and Why?

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I’ve been asked several times about clean eating and why I’ve chosen to do it. I don’t necessarily look at it as “clean eating” so much as just eating healthy. Not dieting, not starving myself, just eating the right foods. If “clean eating” is something that may interest you, here are a few tips I go by.

  1. READ LABELS! This could be a whole different post on it’s own. But it’s as simple as that. Read the labels for your food. If it has 6-7 ingredients, chances are, you could consider it a “clean” food. Example:


5 ingredients. 

Try and educate yourself on the chemicals put in to food. That way when you are looking over ingredients, you can recognize what each one is.

2. Sugar: This could also take up another post. My method with sugar is moderation. That’s all I’ve got for ya. I don’t believe in doing anything to one extreme or another. Obviously eating a cup of strawberries is going to be different than a poptart. 😉 And your body will utilize the sugar from strawberries vs. poptart differently. Sugar naturally is brown, so keep that in mind.

3. Consider the source: “Clean” eating could be summarized as eating food closest to it’s natural state. Some people believe this allows too much wiggle room. But I believe that is the just of it. Example: If you asked a clean eater “if they would rather eat the orange, drink orange juice, or <insert orange flavored processed food>” A clean eater would pick the orange. It comes directly off a tree, making it as close to nature as possible. Buying organic oranges will eliminate the chemicals. 

4.Start With Small Changes: Clean eating shouldn’t be stressful. If the only way you can make the switch is throwing everything processed out, then by all means knock yourself out (not literally). Most of us can achieve clean eating by making small changes daily/weekly until it becomes habit.

Disclaimer: The above tips are just meant as a guideline. Always consult your physician/dietician before starting a new diet. You assume all risks for food you choose to eat. 

So those are a few guidelines I try to consider when choosing foods. There are several different methods for clean eating. I try to eat this way 85% of the time. And yes, sometimes I like to enjoy that processed poptart, only after 50 miles on the bike. 😉 Moderation is key with anything we do.

Have a great weekend!!


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First, I have to say, I did not want to work out today. I set my alarm for 6:00 this morning, hit snooze about 5 times, by that time I had to get ready for my CPR/AED certification class. So I blew my morning workout, which I always feel guilty about. I finally made myself do it around 3:30 this afternoon. Once I got going, I was good though. Anybody else feel like it should be Friday already?

So here was the workout today:

WOD: Burpee to push-up, 10 push-ups, back to burpee. 5 rounds for time. 

Today was core day, except when is it ever NOT core day? Especially with CrossFit. Did 5 more rounds of:

Plank knees-to-elbows, table top crunches, v-ups, ankle taps, butterfly sit-ups. 15 of each. 


I only took the side shot because in a month, I want to see how far I’ve come. I’m 3 1/2 weeks in to more HIIT workouts and can already see a difference in my abdominals area. It’s a tough area for us girls to tone. So ladies, it is possible after baby!! Don’t believe the lie that you can’t be better than ever. If you put in the work, you’ll see the results.

Gotta share the top I’m wearing because it’s amazing. The Nike Pro line is worth every penny you spend.

Look what I found??

Ok, so I can’t lie and even pretend like that Fro Yo is even remotely healthy. 23g of sugar for 1/2 cup, 200 calories. You really are better off just eating plain ole vanilla ice cream or something. But it sure is yummy. So if you can keep it to 3-4 small bites, you won’t derail too much! 😉

Want a better alternative?

150 calories, for a whole pint???

These bad boys have whey protein in them and only 150 calories for that whole pint. I found these at Sprouts Farmers Market here in San Diego…you can check their website to see retailers near you.

Nutrition label

Happy Hump Day, bring on Friday!

Get your ZUMBA on!!

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I asked my dear friend if she would write a guest post for my blog and she happily obliged. Rachel and I have known each other 10+ years and have remained close as adults. She is truly an inspiration to me and many others! Here is her story…

Hey Ya’ll! Greetings from Northeast Tennessee! My name is Rachel O’Dell and I am so excited to be Cayla’s guest blogger today! I am a Pre-K teacher by day and a Zumba instructor by night. I want to take a few minutes and share with you my fitness story. I danced for 15 years-from the time I was in preschool thru my freshman year in college. When I say I danced, I literally danced everywhere I went. After my freshman year, I decided to give up dancing and focus on my studies. When I gave up dancing, I also gave up any type of fitness and physical activity that I could be getting. I kept up this lifestyle for several years and eventually, this lifestyle caught up with me. I gained a lot of weight, had a few health problems, and lacked self confidence. In the Fall of 2009, I decided that I needed to change the way my life was going-I needed a lifestyle makeover and change! I started walking each afternoon after work. When I first started walking, I could only walk for about 25 or 30 minutes, but I did this each day. After a couple of weeks, I was able to bump up my time. During the winter months, I kept up my walking, but this time on the treadmill. Once spring and summer came, I was able to resume my walking outside. I even started running-just for about a minute during each walk. Then, during the fall of 2010, I was introduced to Zumba. I was told I needed to try Zumba because I had a dancing background. I went into my first class thinking, “This is crazy, I am not going to like this Zumba. It is not real dancing!” Boy, was I ever wrong! I came out of my first class HOOKED!!!!! Eventually, I was taking 3 or 4 Zumba classes each week! I just couldn’t get my fill! I also started loving exercise! I was noticing a difference in me and I liked the difference I saw! In January 2011, I decided that I wanted to help people get fit, lose weight, gain confidence, and live a healthier life. I decided to get my Zumba Instructor License! Now, I mentioned earlier that I am a teacher. That does not mean that I like to be in front of people talking or leading exercises! So, becoming a Zumba instructor was definitely out of my characteristic and comfort zone. I have been teaching classes for a year and half and I usually teach between 5 and 6 classes each week! I love teaching Zumba! I love helping people get fit and burn calories and lose weight. I love Zumba because it is a non-threatening exercise program-meaning, you can be in this class and be with people from all various exercise and fitness levels. If you don’t know what Zumba is, let me share with you a little bit about it! Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance fitness party! You just come into a Zumba class and you get ready to shake it. It doesn’t matter if you are the most fit person in the class or if you are just a beginner at physical fitness, you move how your body allows you to move! Zumba is a class for anyone! 

Since beginning my fitness journey, I have lost 80 pounds and I have toned up my body as well! I credit a lot of success to Zumba! I might have lost a lot of weight, but I have also gained some things. I have gained my health back-I can breathe easier, I feel like I have more energy, and I can move around with my students better because I am able to now! More than that, I have gained my self-confidence back! I love that I am able to help others gain that confidence as well! I know that I am doing my job when they share with me their success stories! When my students leave Zumba, they leave laughing and smiling, and sweaty! That is what exercise is all about! Also, because of Zumba, I have more endurance and I have started running. I have completed several 5K and 8K races. Now, I am training for my first half-marathon in December!

 If you want to try out a Zumba class in your area, go to , click on Find Instructor and enter your information. If you are in Northeast Tennessee, look up my schedule, I would love to have you join me and my Zumba classes!    



Rachel’s visit to San Diego

Auntie Rachel

Hope you enjoyed reading Rachel’s fitness journey.

Have you taken Zumba classes before?

The difference in 2 years!

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 The above picture was taken in April 2009. I was the heaviest I had ever been. And I know some people might say, well I wasn’t that big, and I wasn’t…but I had gained 60lbs since getting married. This was a few months before getting pregnant. I was d-e-t-e-r-m-i-n-e-d to lose every last pound (well, most of it).

June 2011. I am down 50 lbs exactly. I have tri-ceps!!! Who would’ve thought those would ever show?? ha ha.