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Motivational Monday

In CrossFit, Fitness, Traveling on September 10, 2012 at 6:09 pm

And your excuse is??

I don’t know who this little boy is, but he is quite adorable. Makes our excuses seem so lame, right? Hope you find time to be active today, even if it’s just taking a walk. Get moving, we all start somewhere!

WOD & Strength done for the day! Like my “box” ­čśë Week 3 of WOD has started.

So, I did hit 1000 squats for last week. Go me! Going to shoot for push-ups this week, because I strongly hate┬áneed to become better at them. I mean really, I just don’t like them. I’m not good at them, they hurt, no bueno. And yes, I realize now that my picture above says “7 butlers” thanks iPhone for that. I’m so tired, I didn’t even catch it. Supposed to be ‘burpees’. Once again, Jess @ blondeponytail provided the upper body workout. The awesome thing about this workout is the shoulders are firing constantly. I don’t know if you can read that upper picture, but it was:

Push-up to ‘T’, Thrusters, Walking plank, Hand-release push-ups, High-pull lawnmower –10 reps, 5 sets.

What’s fueling you?

Vitalye & GNC GenetixHD Meta-Ignite

I’m a firm believer in supplements if you are willing to put the work in. Sadly, there is no ┬ámagic diet pill.

I know this is way off fitness topic. But I will be flying in a few months with my daughter, by myself. She is 2 1/2. You can imagine my concern and I’ve actually flown with her before. It wasn’t good, it was exhausting. I understand why people don’t like kids on planes, but I feel I deserve to spend time with my family over the holidays just like you do. Driving cross-country by myself just isn’t really an option with a child (I mean, it is, but would you want to drive 3,000 miles by yourself?) Exactly. Sooooooo, last time we flew, she was in my lap. I’m buying her a seat this time and I’m strongly considering a car seat. I know I will have to lug it around, but if it means more security and keeps her strapped in for 4 hours, I’m all for it. Has anybody flown with car seats before? Best brands? I like the Eddie Bauer/Safety 1st boosters. But just don’t know. I will be contacting the airline once I buy our tickets to ask but thought I’d ask for feedback. This mom would appreciate ANY advice!!┬áThanks!

5 states down..

In Arizona, Road trip, Traveling on September 22, 2011 at 11:36 pm
The 6th state, Arizona!

We stopped at the AZ welcome center. It was so pretty!

Group shot!


Next up, Grand Canyon!


In Texas, Traveling on September 22, 2011 at 3:17 am
So you might be wondering why on our second day of traveling, we are wearing our Cowboys gear. That’s because we drove through the great state of Texas!! If you know me well, you know I’m a diehard  Dallas Cowboys fan. So this was very exciting for me! We drove through the very North part of Texas and stopped in Amarillo for the night. 
Welcome to Texas (4th state in our travels)

American and state flag.

There were a lot of oil rigs/wells in Texas. All up and down I-40.
Rest area we stopped at.

The further West we drove in TX, the more rocky and canyon like it became. It was absolutely gorgeous! You could see for miles!

Up and down I-40 is Old Route 66 and Historic Route 66.

Sunset outside of Amarillo.

Hotel for the night.

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Next up – Day 3 (more of Texas, New Mexico, & Arizona)

Day 2 – Oklahoma!

In Oklahoma, Traveling on September 20, 2011 at 3:56 am
Day 2 – Oklahoma. On Sunday, we left Little Rock and kept driving West. We drove through most of Oklahoma and on in to Amarillo, TX where we stopped for the night. Oklahoma was pretty boring, very flat and mostly Indian reservations. 
Welcome to Oklahoma!

At OK welcome center. Stopped here for lunch.

I-40 West, Oklahoma.

Checotah – Home of Carrie Underwood.

Lots of cattle ranches and red dirt/clay.

More red dirt/clay. But you could see blue skies for forever!

Day 1

In Arkansas, Tennessee, Traveling on September 19, 2011 at 1:25 pm
We left Tennessee this past Saturday for our move out West. Our first day, we drove the state of Tennessee and stopped in Little Rock, AR. 
Loaded up!
Our first stop (for lunch). Somewhere around Nashville.
So happy to be out of the truck!
This was our stop for dinner. Re-united! LOL We stopped at Cracker Barrel, right before Memphis.
Running around.
Letting the kids play.
Memphis Pyramid
Crossing the Mighty Mississippi in to Arkansas.

Onward to Little Rock!

Mississippi River

(sorry the pictures are messed up.)