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How minimalist shoes saved my running.

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Earlier running days…

I am a runner. I’m not exactly sure at which moment I considered myself one. Maybe it was the very first run or maybe it wasn’t until I felt the agony of a 20 mile training run. But today, I am a runner. And I say that, because I truly love running. A year ago, I couldn’t say that.

A year ago, I took almost 4 months off from running. I was so frustrated from injury after injury. I said enough and bought a road bike. (lol) I literally didn’t run from September through December last year. I had to re-group and re-focus. Then I was introduced to minimalist running.

I technically started running in February 2011. I trained for 4 months for my first half-marathon. I stayed injury free for most of those 4 months and had a great first half-marathon experience. A week after running that race, I was in the Dr’s office with the most intense shin splints. Keep in mind, I had not yet experienced shin splints before. Luckily, my Dr was also a marathoner and was able to sympathize with my agony. She sent me for x-rays, my left shin was literally bruised. I just KNEW it was fractured. Thankfully, I was wrong and a fracture never showed up. My shin stayed bruised for three weeks after that race though.

The next four months I was in and out of my Dr’s office and had MORE x-rays because I just could not get rid of these nasty shin splints. My Dr. gave me endless amounts of advice. I visited three different running speciality shops to assess my gait, stride, all the technicalities of running. They all reassured me I was in the right shoes. I was keeping a running journal and for the most part didn’t run more than 5 miles after my half-marathon. I started cross-training, to build my core muscles. I felt like I was doing everything right, but running was just agony. So in September, I just quit. Oh, except for in my true running ignorance I signed up for ANOTHER half-marathon and full marathon for June 2012. But I had just quit running. June was a long ways away, right?


I knew, there had to be SOMETHING that would make running more enjoyable for me. By this time, we had already moved to San Diego, and I was close to purchasing my first road bike.

Now, I’m a supinator, which I firmly believe, along with the shoes that everyone kept telling me to use, was the culprit of my shin splints. I would have never argued with all those nice, running specialist who were trying to help me, but I just knew to my core I was in the wrong shoes.

My husband actually suggested I try minimal shoes (which he runs in). So I purchased a pair of Merrell pace gloves. In January 2012, I started running again. Just 2-3 miles at first. I found my love for running again. Switching to minimal and completely changing my running style saved my running. I was running faster and stronger. All pain free. I was also running smarter. I quit worrying about the quantity of miles and focused on the quality of my running (I know, cheesy). I ended up visiting another running speciality store, because I wanted a runner to explain minimal style running to me. Runners are either ALL for it or ALL against it. Some people don’t understand why I wear them and that’s ok. I once again was put on a treadmill running for the experts. They confirmed my supination and looked at my Asics I had been running in and told me sometimes cushioned shoes can make supination worse. My reply of course, I KNEW it!  By switching to forefoot striking, I eliminated the stress up my tibia.

I ran from January to June, shin splint free. I also bought the New Balance Minimus road shoes, which I ran my marathon in. I am a firm believer in minimalist style running for myself.

That’s my running story. I plan on running Tennessee Ragnar Relay in November and finishing out the year with one more half-marathon.

Happy Feet!

CrossFit WOD

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Thanks to Jess @ Blonde Ponytail for kicking my booty. She doesn’t even know it, but she’s MY trainer. 😉 I love her workouts that she posts and especially her CrossFIT WOD. They are seriously butt-kicking and heart-pumping.

My assignment:

5 rounds [for time]:

200M run/sprint – 15 burpees – 15 plank jacks – 15 hand-release push ups – 15 prisoner squats w/ knee tuck

I did an easy 200M jog, a few minutes of dynamic stretching and then busted those 5 rounds out. It took me 21 minutes because I’m slow and hate burpees. I made sure I sprinted those 200M, so I got some speed work in as well.


Post workout.

You’ve got 24 hours, can you spare 30 minutes to being active? Resting up for my 5 miler on the beach tonight. Have a great weekend!!


Murphy’s Law for Runners

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I’m proud to say I’ve experience each and every “obstacle”. Just a laugh for us runners.


Pain of Discipline

In duathlon, endurance, Running on April 15, 2012 at 4:21 am
I have no idea who Sarah Bombell is, but I love this quote. I had my second long training run this morning, 17 miles. I repeated this quote several times during my run. I’m most proud that I ran this run mostly solo. And finished in just around 2 1/2 hours. I was right on target most of the time. I reached 13.1 right at the 2 hour mark and was still feeling very strong. I’m still experimenting with energy gels, blocks, & liquid. I only consumed 1 GU before I set out. Tried to choke down a shot block, but won’t be doing that again. I took along de-fizzled Pepsi with me and that seemed to help a lot. 
It’s been a good training week. Taylor and I will probably ride tomorrow for about 20 or so miles and that will put me over 60 miles of training for the week. 
I have another long run this upcoming weekend, then a 5K race the following, and my Duathlon in 3 weeks. No rest for this girl!
Train insane!!!

Crazy 8’s Roadrace

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This was my first 8K road race! And it just so happens that the World’s Fastest 8K is ran in my hometown of Kingsport, TN! So I ran in this year along w/ my brother-in-law Austin and two great friends, Rachel and Sarah! My official time was 48 minutes. Not at all what I wanted, but I’ll take it. I got a pretty nasty side stitch at about mile 3 that lasted till the end…that was no fun at all running through that. But HUGE shout out to my girls Rachel and Sarah who ran strong and finished even stronger!
Rachel and I before the race!
My BIL and I.
 Only 1/2 mile left…I can do this. Not really, I’m dying!
 Yay, we got medals!

Let the training begin…

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I’ve never been good at just making myself exercise, especially if there isn’t a specific “goal” I have set. So naturally after completing my half-marathon, the next logical step is the full. The only problem is, which run will I be running? One out in San Diego or will I still be here on the East Coast and run the Suntrust Richmond marathon. One is in October, the other in November. I’ve been extremely lazy with my running/training schedule since my half, but NO MORE! I do love running, but I need motivation. So even though I have no clue which marathon I’ll run, I’ve made my training schedule for the next 16-20 weeks and I’m going to run my little heart out!!

So you’ll know where to find me this summer!
Thank goodness I have found a babysitter to help me out 2 days a week for my longer runs. So between the open road, treadmill, and the babysitter – hopefully I can accomplish a full marathon by the end of this year! I have my next race in a few weeks…an 8K!

Run this town.

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As many people know a little over a year ago I started on a quest to “get fit”. Long story short, I lost 40 lbs in about 8 months and maintained my “goal” weight along with building muscle. After reaching the goal I of course started setting new ones…one of them being – running. I’ve never considered myself a runner (at ALL). I could never pace myself and therefore never really enjoyed it. But I was determined to run. So in January I signed up for a Half Marathon…crazy right? I couldn’t run more than about 3 miles at the time, but that didn’t stop me…only 10 more to add on. Easy! I joined a gym and started training. My timing has never been perfect. I decided to take on running while my husband was away training. So my daughter joined me on most of my outside runs…that was hard. I didn’t enjoy those runs pushing her…but she was always perfect, so I shouldn’t complain. She made me faster and stronger! My first “training” run was 2.25 miles and my average pace was 11:29…27 minutes. Just 2 months later I ran 6 miles at a 9:11 pace…I was getting better/faster and was so encouraged by my progress. Shortly after that I ran my first road race, a 5k (3.1 miles) benefiting The Wounded Warriors Project. I averaged an 8:06 mile and couldn’t have been more happy with my 26 minute finish.

The Wounded Warriors 5k Race
Just 2 months after that race, I finished my first ever Half Marathon!!!!! And I’m proud to say I ran EVERY step of it. Up until the race, my longest run had only been 10 miles. But I felt that I would be able to finish it and tried not to worry. My goal was 2 hours, that didn’t happen, but I really don’t care. I finished in 2:15:58…I was thrilled. Just 4 short months ago this was just a dream. Running has changed my life. It’s helped me live healthier and I hope I’m setting an example for my daughter. I hope from my running/training that she learns to work hard towards her dreams and strives to be her personal best. 26.2 here I come!!!!!