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So with the impending deployment, I’ve been inspired to make a home management binder. Complete with calendar, weekly planner, budget, home projects, shopping lists, and a few other things to keep me on track these next 8 months. I made one the last deployment and it worked wonders and through budgeting and organization were able to pay off $13,000 car loan…go us! Having a child this go around, a home binder is a MUST! All the responsibility is on me now and having it organized and neatly in front of me will make it that much easier. I can’t take all the credit, thanks to a few awesome blogs, I was able to download all the templates I needed for my folder. All credit goes to their hard work!


Home Management Binder

The Nest Effect has some awesome templates. Like the cover above. Download it here.

My first page is a monthly calendar. Found here.


(Excuse my cheap tabs, I need to buy some on my next Target run.)

Next, we have the Weekly Overview and Planner. They are both found in the same template. Prepared Not Scared has TONS more.

Weekly Overview and Daily Planner

Daily planner part 2.

The weekly planner breaks each day down by ‘responsibilities/schedule, household maintenance, and projects’. The daily planner is more detailed with the schedule, cleaning, project list, to-do list, menu, etc…totally awesome!

Next in the same section is my grocery/shopping list. Found here and here. I break my grocery list down to bi-weekly.

Grocery checklist

In this section, I also have an ‘important receipts and coupons’ sleeve.

Receipts & Coupons

On to the budget section. I have about 6 sleeves in this section, it’s very detailed. I start out with our pay-stub page. I’m obviously not going to show it here, lots of important info on that stub.

Next is a monthly expense form. Again, I do this bi-weekly as we are paid. I keep a running log of expenses going out and our balance.

Monthly expense form

Download above form here. It’s page 4 in the downloads.

I also use the ‘Loan repayment log’ for our truck and credit card. Found here.

It’s never to late to start budgeting for Christmas. I have a budget list and envelope for cash. Download form.

Christmas Budget

Then I have a sleeve for monthly bills that I receive in the mail, which are very few, thanks to online bill pay. I also have a few cash envelopes (think Dave Ramsey envelope system). Mostly for ‘odd’ bills and monthly needs (clothing, emergency cash, etc).

Cash envelope system.

Next section is home projects. Download form. Page 20. I also slide magazine clippings of ideas in here as well.

Home Project Lists

My next section is just Misc. It includes – birthday/anniversary list, family yellow pages, travel packing & check list, and a ‘to mail’ folder.

Birthday/Anniversary list

So a rundown of the blogs that inspired me.

Organized Home – lots of great ideas and printables.

Miss Poppins – Family planner ideas.

The Nest Effect – awesome printables.

And if you want to see how I keep my workouts and diet organized, check out this post.

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