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Need a kick-butt interval workout? Well I’m about to post one for you.

I have to say though, while speed work is perfect for helping you PR,  make sure you have a good running base before introducing speed intervals. You want to become stronger not injure yourself. 🙂 Warming up is key to interval workouts. You will be all-out sprinting, so you want your muscles warm and loose. This will also help decrease injury. DON’T skip the warm-up. 
The idea behind speed intervals is to teach your body to run faster by well, running faster over shorter distances. I’m starting with the 200meter distance because I’m wanting to work on my PR for shorter distance races. 
Typically I run an 8:00 5K pace. So I pushed myself during each interval at a 6:30 pace.
200-meter  (1/8mile) intervals workout:
1) Stretch/Warm-up – 1 mile easy run.
2) Run 4 x 200 meter intervals at 12-15% faster than race pace. 30sec recovery between each interval.
3) Rest 3-4 min between each 4 x 200.
4) Repeat set 3 times for 1 mile of intervals. Total 8 x 200 meters.
5) Cool down with easy 1 mile run.
Then EAT! Happy speed running!
If you can’t make it to a track, try this HITT treadmill workout.
*These are workouts I use. Please consult your physician if you have concerns before starting a new exercise program. If you experience pain, discontinue workout.

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