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I haven’t blogged in a while, mainly because nothing has been going on! Training has been slow because I felt myself running on empty and decided to scale back for a few weeks. This past Monday was a disaster of a training day. Taylor and I set out for a 30 mile ride together, only to turn around early for a grand total of…5 miles. There was a wreck involved, but no one was injured, just mad. So we decided to try a couple mile run, again, another injury occurred when Taylor twisted his ankle. So we turned around early again. Tuesday we hiked all over the desert and mountains, and yes I considered all that cross-training. So today I decided to run from our church to the end of Point Loma, which was 6 miles of rolling hills. And let me just tell you, the first hill was brutal. But I made finished with a good time but sore toes and shins. I’m not used to running hills, so my poor shins were feeling it every time I started to descend. But it was an awesome (hot) run and I was so happy I made myself do it. I’m going to ride the next two days and run tomorrow and Saturday. Then I have my first duathlon on Sunday. I’m already nervous about the bike portion, not that I won’t be able to comfortably complete the distance, but just the unknown. It’s only a sprint distance, so that part shouldn’t be bad. I haven’t really trained for transitions and that makes me a little nervous. I keep telling myself it’s just for fun and experience. I still don’t consider myself a cyclist and have a lot to learn!
Taylor’s parents have been here this past week and we’ve been non-stop GO! Sharing a few pictures from our Anza Borrego Desert visit. We hiked up to see the Palm Springs Oasis, which is just that in the middle of the desert. So amazing!

This little hiker hiked a good portion of our 5 miles. She was a trooper!

More to come!

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