Racerback Tank

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I saw this blog tutorial for a gathered raceback t-shirt, made from t-shirts you already own and decided I was going to transform all my old t-shirts and race shirts that are HUGE, that way I can wear them again. 
Original Blog here.
You can use a sewing machine or just a needle/thread. There is very little sewing involved, I promise. 🙂
My t-shirt.

1. Cut collar off.

2. Draw how deep you want the shirt to be. Remember it will draw up.

3. Cut out new collar.

4. Cut off sleeves.

5. You will need to make the shoulder/new sleeves.  

6. Shirt with ‘new’ sleeves, you want the straps pretty thin. 

7. Use extra fabric to create the ‘strap’ for the back. I pinned mine together before sewing. I just used fabric from the sleeves.

8. Sew a hem line across the bottom. Again, you can hand sew this as well. 

9. (Sorry about the shirt change). Now find where you want the shirt to gather in the back. I ended up cutting the back in to a ‘V’ shape as well. It’s not as tight around the neck this way. 

10. Place your fabric strap around the back sleeves. You will have to sew the two sides of the strap together now. 

11. Then cut excess fabric off. 

Finished product. This is an actual technical race shirt, so you can use this kind of fabric or just regular cotton. 


Also showing you a cotton shirt. 


Now, I probably wouldn’t wear these out like the original blog says. Because your collar and sleeves are now just open. But they will be good to run in and use at the gym or beach. 🙂

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