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60 to 0.

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So you know my 60 mile training week last week. Today, I finally got a 4 mile run in. I mean, seriously? Today is the first day in 5 I haven’t limped down my stairs and now I have a wicked sun burn on my left leg. But boy did I feel it while running. Felt like I had sand bags attached to my ankles or I was pulling a car.
I’ve got to find something that helps me recover after long runs. I’m so at a loss with this territory. Stretching and baths aren’t really helping. I ice my problem areas, but that’s hard to do when it’s your whole lower body. I honestly feel great during runs, but can’t walk for 5 days after. Which leads me to missing at least 1 run and ride.
Hopefully my legs won’t fail me during my 20 miles this weekend.

Pain of Discipline

In duathlon, endurance, Running on April 15, 2012 at 4:21 am
I have no idea who Sarah Bombell is, but I love this quote. I had my second long training run this morning, 17 miles. I repeated this quote several times during my run. I’m most proud that I ran this run mostly solo. And finished in just around 2 1/2 hours. I was right on target most of the time. I reached 13.1 right at the 2 hour mark and was still feeling very strong. I’m still experimenting with energy gels, blocks, & liquid. I only consumed 1 GU before I set out. Tried to choke down a shot block, but won’t be doing that again. I took along de-fizzled Pepsi with me and that seemed to help a lot. 
It’s been a good training week. Taylor and I will probably ride tomorrow for about 20 or so miles and that will put me over 60 miles of training for the week. 
I have another long run this upcoming weekend, then a 5K race the following, and my Duathlon in 3 weeks. No rest for this girl!
Train insane!!!


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Maybe I’m bring dramatic, but I don’t really care at this point. Parenting is h.a.r.d. These past few weeks have been mentally and physically draining. Sophie knows every button to push and pushes them often. I’m starting to realize the importance of ‘picking your battles’. But man, when everything is a battle, when do you cave and when do you stay strong? I expect a LOT from my 2 year old, but I’m that way because she is SMART. She knows how to communicate better than most 5 year olds and her vocabulary is well beyond her age. She knows how to spell her name, can recognize numbers & colors. 
Our biggest battles are sleep, diaper changing, and going out. Taylor had the pleasure of joining us for a Target run on Monday and boy was he in for it. I’ve learned that I cannot let Sophie ‘run around’. After all, she is still 2 and gets in to EVERYTHING. So she stays in the shopping cart or stroller if I can get away with it. He likes to let her run around, but Monday, she was in an extra special mood. UGH! And to top it all off, she has started biting herself if we tell her ‘no’ or she doesn’t get something she wants. She has little marks and scabs all over her hands. I spank her, she just bites harder. I mean, where is my handbook?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful she is determined and strong willed, that will serve her well later in life. If I’m being 100% honest, and judge me all you want, I don’t really like my child right now. I don’t like who she makes me be. I’m so snappy and exhausted at the end of the day, poor Taylor. Poor Sophie. 
I know all children go through this phase, I don’t think it’s just me. I just feel like we exit one wilderness just to enter another. I think I’ve got her figured out and BOOM goes the dynamite. Literally. 
And for the sake of my sanity, please don’t ask me, the mother of a 2 year old, when we will have another child. You might just get an earful of pent up frustration and anger. There is your warning. 
And just so you don’t think I complain all the time about my daughter, whom I really do love…lol. We had spiral ham on Easter Sunday and Sophie knows her meats. She is a pork girl to the core. We were sitting there and Taylor asks her “Sophie, do you know what you’re eating?” I know, we sound like wonderful parents…ha ha. Her reply was “Aww, so sorry piggy.” 
My mother and mother-in-law are my heros. Raising multiple children and they still have their sanity intact. This gives me hope! 🙂

Racerback Tank

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I saw this blog tutorial for a gathered raceback t-shirt, made from t-shirts you already own and decided I was going to transform all my old t-shirts and race shirts that are HUGE, that way I can wear them again. 
Original Blog here.
You can use a sewing machine or just a needle/thread. There is very little sewing involved, I promise. 🙂
My t-shirt.

1. Cut collar off.

2. Draw how deep you want the shirt to be. Remember it will draw up.

3. Cut out new collar.

4. Cut off sleeves.

5. You will need to make the shoulder/new sleeves.  

6. Shirt with ‘new’ sleeves, you want the straps pretty thin. 

7. Use extra fabric to create the ‘strap’ for the back. I pinned mine together before sewing. I just used fabric from the sleeves.

8. Sew a hem line across the bottom. Again, you can hand sew this as well. 

9. (Sorry about the shirt change). Now find where you want the shirt to gather in the back. I ended up cutting the back in to a ‘V’ shape as well. It’s not as tight around the neck this way. 

10. Place your fabric strap around the back sleeves. You will have to sew the two sides of the strap together now. 

11. Then cut excess fabric off. 

Finished product. This is an actual technical race shirt, so you can use this kind of fabric or just regular cotton. 


Also showing you a cotton shirt. 


Now, I probably wouldn’t wear these out like the original blog says. Because your collar and sleeves are now just open. But they will be good to run in and use at the gym or beach. 🙂

It’s All Mental

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I’ve always known running is 90% mental. You’re mind is always the first to give. In fact, I’m sure most triathletes would agree, swimming, cycling, & running are all mental… Training your mind is much harder than training your body. It reminds me of something Jillian Michaels said “Your legs aren’t giving out, your head is giving out. Keep going.” But it’s so true. I’m convinced that training doesn’t matter until you are out of your comfort zone. You find out what you’re made of when you absolutely have hit that wall, and your still find a way over it. Today was that day for me. I’ve run two half distance marathons. That’s the farthest I’ve pushed myself. And that was only on race day. It’s really easy to push on race day. It’s a new course, adrenaline will carry you a long way. Training runs is where it’s just you and the road. 

I set out this morning telling myself if I could just run 13.1, I would be happy with that. Thankfully, fellow Rock Runner, Laurie, was also running the long distance. So we set out together for 16 miles. I really did pretty good most of the run. Only a minor side stitch around mile 3, but nothing bad. I was able to down 2 GU’s (a huge accomplishment for me) and had to detour to find some electrolytes. My feet really started hurting around mile 12. But overall, a great run. We actually ran 16 miles and walked 1.5 to cool down. We finished in 2:39, not bad at all. Did I really just run for 2 hours and 39 minutes? Craziness! This was the first time that I could really see myself running 26.2. I’m not quite there mentally, but I have a few more long runs to help prepare myself. I hit that wall several times today but kept running and didn’t give up. And that’s gotta count for a lot!
“You’ve got what it takes, but it will take everything you got.” <—— Words to train by.