Book Review: The Hunger Games

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I decided to write a quick review of why I loved reading The Hunger Games because I’ve seen a lot of “hate” and uninformed people commenting about the series and movie. 
I first saw the movie preview while watching another movie in theaters. I had never heard of the books or movie until that point, I  know, I must live under a rock. I thought the movie looked great. Lots of action and an interesting/different plot. 
Fast forward to last week, when I started the first book, The Hunger Games. In summary, it’s about living in a post-apocolyptic world after wars leave their Country handicapped and basically each district lives in poverty. The country is now Panem, what once used to be North America.  Remind you of anything? There are 12 districts, District 12 is where the main characters are from. It’s a coal-rich area, that was once in the Appalacia. Each year there are ‘Hunger Games’, where two kids (1 boy, 1 girl) are chosen from each district to fight and kill one another while the Capitol and districts watch. The Games are fought for previous rebellion against the Captiol, so they people are constantly reminded. Now, the Capitol takes what it needs from the Districts and is a place of great wealth. High fashion, good healthcare, plenty of food, they are living the good life at the expense of the Districts. A little alarming right? So that is the basic story line. Katniss volunteers for her 13 yr. old sister as tribute for the games and is paired with a boy from her childhood. So naturally you are rooting for her to win the games. I will stop there for anyone who still wants to read them. I highly recommend them. 
There are several times through the series, the kids talk about wanting to return to a government that elects it’s people to represent them. I don’t know if the author went in to writing these books with a political agenda or just thought it was a fitting story line for our current times. 
One thing is for sure, it’s a little scary to think about how dead on the author is. Here are families and children who are living with a government they didn’t ask for, that only looks out for themselves. And how one brave girl and boy are willing to challenge everything the Capitol throws at them to provide a better life for their families.
So yes, I recommend you reading them before judging them as just another “teen” movie. And don’t use the excuse that it’s too violent. Kids have been dying at their governments expense for decades now. We are just blessed to be American. 
Just my thoughts about the books. 🙂

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