Trader Joe’s Top 10

In Uncategorized on February 6, 2012 at 6:42 pm
10 reasons I love Trader Joe’s and what I always buy from there. I’m not going to include produce, because I buy ALL our produce from TJ’s. IMO, they have the best selection. Everything from potatoes, spinach/lettuce, apple slices, grapes, bananas, strawberries, blueberries – it’s all good!
#1. Whey Protein. The best tasting whey I’ve found. I mix this in just about everything! ha ha. I need to add chocolate to  my collection.

#2. These awesome chicken burgers. I know, it sounds gross, but they are really good.

And seriously 150 calories and 19g of protein? And look how short the ingredient list is. Definitely give these a shot!

#3. Chicken breasts. I buy the individual packaged ones because they just suit my family better.  Usually about 5-6 in a bag.

#4. WW Flour.

#5. Rolled oats.

#6. They have delicious peanut butter! It reminds me of growing up, you still have to stir it and keep it refrigerated. My mom used to buy similar.

#7. My two favorite “protein/energy” bars. Both are clean, especially the Larabar. It’s base ingredient are dates. The power crunch bars are yummy with on average about 14g of protein per bar. And they aren’t loaded down with sugar either. TJ’s has the best prices on them, that’s why I buy them there.

#8 Olive Oil spray.

#9. Butter – unsalted.

#10. TJ’s deli turkey meat.

Other honorable mentions are their condiments and juices. They also have great tortillas! Now as far as meat, I’ve started buying that from a little market on Coronado. All their beef is grassfed and it tastes really good.  

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