Quiet Book

In Uncategorized on November 17, 2011 at 8:11 am
Here’s a sneak preview of Sophie’s “Quiet Book”. I’m still adding finishing touches, but it’s coming together nicely.
Apple tree page. The apples velcro on/off and you can put them in the basket.

Holds pencils and paper.

Ark page. Have little finger puppet animals that I’m going to place in the Ark.

Zipper page.

Stop light.

Each light will velcro on/off.

Match shapes and colors.

My favorite page.

Count the petals.

Clothesline page. Still need to paint the little clothespins. 

And can I just say that velcro is nearly impossible to sew straight? It moves around and doesn’t cooperate at all. So some pieces are crooked and not perfect, but oh well. I think Soph will like it. Still trying to figure out the cover. I ended up using muslin for the pages and used Pelon interfacing inbetween each page to “stiffen” it up.

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