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It’s the MOST wonderful time….

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Wanted to share a few pictures of around the house. Slowly getting Christmas decorations put up. I did all the outside lights yesterday. We are waiting to do the tree once Taylor gets back home.
My new Christmas card holder, cute right??

Our Christmas cards this year. Sophie helped pick them out.

Our 1/2 bath.
Our mantel… 😉 I’m cross stitching like crazy, trying to finish Sophie’s stocking. I just don’t know if it’s going to happen this year!

Front door.


Took Sophie out to see the lights. Our neighbors have theirs up too.

Our little home!

Love Sophie’s expression.

Oh, it was 80 degrees here yesterday. Kind of weird hanging Christmas lights wearing shorts and flip flops!

I’ll post tree pictures next week!

Biscuit Mini Pizzas

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Another Pinterest recipe…it was yummy! Taylor came home and thought I had actually bought them in the store. 🙂
Grands biscuit mini pizzas.
I have run out of all my organic breads, so I had to resort to Grands refrig. biscuits. But I used organic marinara sauce, shredded mozt cheese and pepperonis on ours. You could of course add whatever! I baked mine in the toaster oven using the directions off the package. A tip: smash out the biscuits before adding toppings.

Lunch is served!

Just keep sewing!

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My latest project…a shower curtain. Now gotta finish up Sophie’s pillowcases and her quiet book.
Tennessee themed shower curtain. (For a friend) The orange shower hooks will look adorable against the white fabric.


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So, I’m absolutely loving my new sewing machine and learning how to use it! Stay tuned for posts about all my “projects”. I’m currently working on a shower curtain for a friend that I hope to have finished by tomorrow. I’m making Sophie a couple of pillow cases as well.

Also working on some Christmas decorations to have ready by this weekend. This week is going to be so busy! But I wanted to wish all our family a Happy Thanksgiving and we miss everybody! Love to everyone!

Quiet Book

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Here’s a sneak preview of Sophie’s “Quiet Book”. I’m still adding finishing touches, but it’s coming together nicely.
Apple tree page. The apples velcro on/off and you can put them in the basket.

Holds pencils and paper.

Ark page. Have little finger puppet animals that I’m going to place in the Ark.

Zipper page.

Stop light.

Each light will velcro on/off.

Match shapes and colors.

My favorite page.

Count the petals.

Clothesline page. Still need to paint the little clothespins. 

And can I just say that velcro is nearly impossible to sew straight? It moves around and doesn’t cooperate at all. So some pieces are crooked and not perfect, but oh well. I think Soph will like it. Still trying to figure out the cover. I ended up using muslin for the pages and used Pelon interfacing inbetween each page to “stiffen” it up.


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Just a few pictures from our birthdays! 🙂
Enjoying dinner at The Cheesecake Factory on my birthday.

Dipping her quesadilla in the guacamole. What 1 1/2 year old likes guacamole?

Dada’s birthday cake.

It’s been 26 great years!

Thanks to everyone who sent cards/gifts. You made us feel very loved.

Fall in San Diego

In San Diego on November 6, 2011 at 8:27 pm

Beautiful, right?


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Another idea off Pinterest…can you tell I’m addicted to this website?? These would make a great Christmas gift for teachers! Made a few tonight, thought they turned out cute.
Clear 3.5×5 frame ($1), pack of post-its ($3), embellishments/scrapbook paper I already had. Can’t beat that!

Spin on a favorite recipe.

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I was introduced to a wonderful recipe after marrying Taylor. It’s a breakfast casserole made with crescent rolls, eggs, cheese, ham, and seasonings. It’s absolutely delicious and a favorite for breakfast or dinner. I came across this recipe on Pinterest and because it was very similar to the breakfast casserole, I just had to make it!
Ingredients: Hashbrowns (shredded, no pictured), mild cheddar cheese (shredded), eggs, veg. oil, parsley, salt & pepper, bacon or ham (or both).
 Preheat oven to 450.
Thaw hashbrowns.  I used a little over half the bag.

Add veg. oil (2 tsp.) salt and pepper (1 tsp.) and 1/3 c. of cheese.

Heavily coat a muffin pan. Place hashbrowns in pan,  make sure the middles are hollow. Cook for about 15 minutes.
 Once hashbrown mix is done cooking, turn oven down to 350.
Then drop an egg into each hash brown “hole”. I did half with a whole egg just dropped in and the other half scrambled. Top with bacon/ham (again did half and half), cheese, and then parsley/seasonings. It should look similar to above. Cook for another 20-25 minutes. Eggs still might be slightly runny, but that’s ok.

Take a fork and slide around the edges and lift out.

Enjoy! The ones on the left are the scrambled ones. IMO, they turned out much better! I liked the ham over the bacon as well. Overall, a tasty dinner and very easy and quick to whip together!

My Sock Monkey!

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Sophie was a sock money for Halloween. Cutest sock monkey ever!!
Love the tail!
Spitting image of Dada.


Sock monkey kisses.

Sophie with her sock monkey.