Need Christmas gift ideas?

In Uncategorized on October 26, 2011 at 3:57 am
I can’t take credit for this next project, I actually saw it on a friends Facebook last year sometime, jotted down the idea, and created it last week. (Thanks S. Gaffney!!) This would be a great Christmas gift idea for grandparents. 😉
 It’s super easy and anybody can do it, trust me! I printed a picture of Sophie (side profile) on regular printer paper. stapled the picture over black paper and cut out her head/shoulders and tada, you have an awesome silhouette picture. Make sure to use small scissors if you have them, it helps with the details. I just glued mine to some beige paper and put it in a black frame. Of course any color would do!
I wanted something besides another picture to hang and this works perfectly!
  1. I was going to do a project similar to this (I might still do it), and I found some very useful tools: a sharp,precise knifey-thing like an exacto knife only for art work, maybe for scrapbooking, and a self-healing cutting board/pad thing. I made a silhouette of Lily in a reclined position, and I really needed that knife to get into the white areas inside of the picture, like where her arms were on her waist–that area in between her arms and her torso.

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