Coasters for Christmas?

In Uncategorized on October 26, 2011 at 9:48 pm
I’ve been inspired so much lately and have been working on several projects. Yesterday I posted the silhouette picture project and today I’m going to post how to make homemade coasters using Mod Podge. After doing some google searches, I found out Mod Podge coasters are nothing new, but there are several ways to create them. The first set I made, I used scrapbook paper, the second set I’m using pictures (part of a Christmas gift). Depending on what materials you already have, this gift can be super cheap! 
First you will need ceramic tiles. They are $.16 at Home Depot. Can’t beat that price! These are 4×4 size.

Next, decide what you want to use. I’m using pictures. But scrapbook & wrapping paper work or fabric.

Here is an example of scrapbook paper. You will also need felt. I used the the kind with peel off back. It’s just easier.

You will also need Mod Podge (gloss), sponge brushes, and any sort of protective enamel. You can use Polyurethane spray or even clear spray paint. Just make sure it’s a clear finish.

Apply and very thin layer of Mod Podge to tile and lay picture/paper on tile and smooth out.  If you notice bubbles (especially with paper, use a credit card to smooth them out.) Let dry. Then apply 3-4 more thin layers on top. Let the MP dry about an hour in between each coat.

After you’ve put all the coats of MP on the tiles, spray with protectant and attach felt to back. Wait a couple weeks before putting hot stuff on them and don’t stack them together for a few days! You want to make sure all the MP and sealant have dried completely. Wrap in pretty ribbon and give! 

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! I might just have to try that!

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