In Uncategorized on September 22, 2011 at 10:12 pm
Day 3 had us leaving Amarillo, TX and continuing West to New Mexico. I really enjoyed driving through NM. I really felt “out west”. It was more desert terrain and literally MILES of nothing. 
Border town of Glenrio, an actual ghost town.

TX/OK State line.

Historic Route 66 in New Mexico.

Still on I-40….RT6
Church rock.
Exit for Continental Divide. I’m kicking myself for not stopping!
The New Mexico desert. 

Hope everyone is enjoying our trip so far. Hopefully I can get caught up soon.
  1. Cayla, the 4th picture down in your NM pics is Tucumcari mountain. I graduated from Tucumcari HS. 🙂 Kaye

  2. That's really cool!! You could see it for miles!

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