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Playing Tourists.

In Balboa Park, San Diego on September 27, 2011 at 5:48 pm
Saturday we went to Balboa Park. We walked around for a couple hours and still didn’t see half the park! Trying to do a few “tourist” things while mom and dad are still here.

My love!

Trying a Japanese soup w/ seaweed and tofu in it.
Japanese Friendship garden.

Hotel Fun!

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While we are waiting to move in to our town home, we are staying in a hotel here in town. It’s a bit challenging at times, but hasn’t been too bad! Keeping the kids entertained is the hardest part. 

Sophie enjoys playing in the cabinets.

The Mojave.

In California, Mojave Desert on September 26, 2011 at 5:11 am
After leaving Las Vegas, we drove through the Mojave Desert. The sun was brutal, and it wasn’t even the hottest part of the year either. It was about 102 or so, but you just couldn’t get away from the sun. The ac in our truck just couldn’t keep up. But, it was so pretty.

We made it to California!!!

So close!

Vegas, baby!

In Excalibur, Las Vegas on September 23, 2011 at 8:03 pm
On Tuesday after leaving the Grand Canyon we decided to detour to Las Vegas. It wasn’t that far off our route either. We ended up getting a great room right on the Strip. We stayed at Excalibur, which is one of the more “family friendly” hotels. We had a great experience and would love to go back! Wednesday morning we got up, ate McDonalds on the Strip and did a little sight seeing. 
Driving in to the city Tuesday night. Lights galore!!

MGM Grand

Excalibur, where we stayed.

Inside our room.

Headed out for breakfast.

The Strip.

Bellagio Hotel

Grand Canyon

In Grand Canyon on September 23, 2011 at 4:38 pm
On Tuesday (the 20th) we detoured to the Grand Canyon for a few hours. There are no words to describe it, or maybe there aren’t enough?? It will take your breath away! Even Sophie said “whoa”.
“All the earth worships you
   and sings praises to you;
   they sing praises to your name.” 


Desert View Watchtower.

Desert view WT.

South Rim

Mather Point.

We went to the South Rim, walked out to Mather Point, that was our first stop. Then we drove about 25 miles to Desert View. Climbed the Watchtower and explored more around the Canyon. All of my pictures are out of order, no idea what happened. But hope you enjoy them.

Beautiful Arizona!

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If you’ve seen my Facebook posts, then you probably know that I absolutely loved Flagstaff, AZ! It’s the most beautiful city I think I’ve ever seen. It’s surrounded by the San Francisco Mtns. The elevation is so high that the clouds are just hovering above you! 
Wish I had a chance to run this road! The views were incredible! 

Coming out of the mtns…headed for the Grand Canyon. It flattens out.

Beautiful countryside!

Few more miles to the GC.

Just wanted to share these pretty AZ pictures.  Grand Canyon post will be next!

5 states down..

In Arizona, Road trip, Traveling on September 22, 2011 at 11:36 pm
The 6th state, Arizona!

We stopped at the AZ welcome center. It was so pretty!

Group shot!


Next up, Grand Canyon!


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Day 3 had us leaving Amarillo, TX and continuing West to New Mexico. I really enjoyed driving through NM. I really felt “out west”. It was more desert terrain and literally MILES of nothing. 
Border town of Glenrio, an actual ghost town.

TX/OK State line.

Historic Route 66 in New Mexico.

Still on I-40….RT6
Church rock.
Exit for Continental Divide. I’m kicking myself for not stopping!
The New Mexico desert. 

Hope everyone is enjoying our trip so far. Hopefully I can get caught up soon.


In Texas, Traveling on September 22, 2011 at 3:17 am
So you might be wondering why on our second day of traveling, we are wearing our Cowboys gear. That’s because we drove through the great state of Texas!! If you know me well, you know I’m a diehard  Dallas Cowboys fan. So this was very exciting for me! We drove through the very North part of Texas and stopped in Amarillo for the night. 
Welcome to Texas (4th state in our travels)

American and state flag.

There were a lot of oil rigs/wells in Texas. All up and down I-40.
Rest area we stopped at.

The further West we drove in TX, the more rocky and canyon like it became. It was absolutely gorgeous! You could see for miles!

Up and down I-40 is Old Route 66 and Historic Route 66.

Sunset outside of Amarillo.

Hotel for the night.

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Next up – Day 3 (more of Texas, New Mexico, & Arizona)

Day 2 – Oklahoma!

In Oklahoma, Traveling on September 20, 2011 at 3:56 am
Day 2 – Oklahoma. On Sunday, we left Little Rock and kept driving West. We drove through most of Oklahoma and on in to Amarillo, TX where we stopped for the night. Oklahoma was pretty boring, very flat and mostly Indian reservations. 
Welcome to Oklahoma!

At OK welcome center. Stopped here for lunch.

I-40 West, Oklahoma.

Checotah – Home of Carrie Underwood.

Lots of cattle ranches and red dirt/clay.

More red dirt/clay. But you could see blue skies for forever!