D.C. – Day 2

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Hailey and I have both been to D.C. countless times! So finding something new to do was a bit of a challenge. Don’t get me wrong, there are endless things to do in D.C., but when you have a time limit and a 1 1/2 year old, it’s a little bit harder! We decided to check out the new MLK Jr. Memorial, Ford Theatre, Archives, & Library of Congress.
MLK Jr. Memorial
 I know it’s not the best picture but there were a TON of press and I had to snap a quick picture! The memorial is not open yet so we weren’t allowed to walk up to it. But it’s beautiful in person.
Ford Theatre
 Ford Theatre was really cool. Neither one of us had been and I’m glad we got the chance to go. It’s off on it’s own in more of the business district of D.C., so it took a bit to find it! There was a really neat museum in the lower level and of course the theatre part was amazing to see!
 Right across from the theatre is where they took Lincoln after being shot, he died here.
 The booth.
 Hailey and Sophie looking around theatre.
 Soph and I w/ booth in the background.
Mobile McDonalds anyone??
The mobile McDonalds were a Quarter Pounder was $7!!
U.S. Capitol
I’ve walked by the Capitol building numerous times, but never right up to it. We did today, it really is a pretty building. 
  1. I'd like to go there sometime.$7 for McDonalds?! Whoa!Happy blogoversary 🙂

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