In Fitness, Half-Ironman, Triathlons on August 14, 2011 at 6:23 pm

With the support of my husband and family, I’m really hoping to complete a Half-Ironman triathlon in early Spring next year, the end of March! I’ve loosely started training this week, mostly just adding swim time to my training. The hardest part about being on a “training schedule” is working it around Sophie. I’m so thankful for the gym I go to, because w/o their understanding, this would all be impossible!! Even training for my half-marathon! As many know, Taylor has been gone for 7 months now (we are on the home stretch though!!!) and doing any sort of fitness has been extremely hard w/o him here. But I want more than ever my daughter to learn that if she works hard enough for something, she can achieve anything in life! I think that is what pushes me and gives me this drive to be healthier and to be the best me I can be. It absolutely melts my heart when I’m doing core or weights workouts and she walks up and wants to join in! In just a few short weeks, I should have a real road bike and can seriously start training. But we have to get moved to the West Coast first!! So much is happening, it’s hard to wrap my mind around it all. So here is a look in to my training this past week:

Monday –
45 Minute swim, only 450 meters, but I have to start somewhere!
25 minute run 
Stair master workout (I only add this in because I’ve found that it really has helped strengthen my calf and feet muscles)
Tuesday – 
20 minute easy run
1 hour spin class
(how funny that the training schedule I’m using actually includes spin classes)
P90X Legs – 1 hour
Wednesday – 
1 hour run
10 miles on Stationary bike
30 minutes on arms/shoulders
Thursday – 
1 hour spin class
30 minutes weights
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday –
1 hour spin
25 minute run
15 minutes on Core
Sunday – 
1 hour spin
30 minute run
This week will technically look the same, minus the pool time, because I will be in TN for a few days! I always hate when traveling interferes with training. I also kept a food journal this week, gonna have to buckle down on taking in a better source of carbs. I’m fine while spinning, but when it comes to running, I deflate so fast! Only problem is, eating also messes with my stomach. It seems like it’s a lot of trial and error. Oh well, part of the game I guess! Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Do something active!!
  1. GIrl you are such a inspiration. I don't know how you do it but you just got this in the bag. You have the strongest determination and dedication that I've ever seen. You will rock this training out!

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