My top 10 workout tips!

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I saw an article about this on Yahoo! recently and it got me thinking about what my top 10 tips would be for working out. Now, please remember, I am in NO way a professional athlete or personal trainer. But I have managed to lose 60lbs through diet and exercise (after baby) and complete a half-marathon. I’ve also had tons of people ask what my “secret” is. Now my tips may not work for you, every person is different…but here is what’s helped me along this journey.

  1. Calories in, calories out! – I believe personally that the biggest step to weight lose is what we consume! In my case, I had let myself get to a place where drinking 3 Mtn. Dew’s a day was “normal” and fast food was almost daily. I had to re-train myself how to eat, portion control, and ultimately that eating calories then burning those calories was the only way I’d see results! 
  2. Time! – Weight lose and a more healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, no matter HOW determined and committed you are to the decision. Deciding you want to lose weight is just the very first baby step! I was 8 weeks post-partum when I started on this journey in May 2010. It took a year for me to lose those 60lbs. Everyday you have to wake up and make the choice to eat right and work out. I still struggle with it almost daily.
  3. Cut sugar! – I saw the biggest drop in weight when I almost completely cut sugar out of my diet. My downfall has always been soda, when I cut soda from my diet, it felt like I dropped 20lbs like that! I was absolutely amazed! Now I hate to admit, I do drink soda now…but I also burn on average 1100-1300 calories a day. And I’ve learned they make these great 90 calorie soda cans…so if I absolutely need a fix…I grab one of those! Start with little changes, when eating out, order water – it’s cheaper too! I try not to be radical about my diet…but honestly diet and exercise go hand in hand, it’s truth!
  4. Journal – Write down what you eat every day! Seeing those calories, carbs, fat, sugar, & protein on paper really gives you perspective! 
  5. Eat breakfast! – What you eat for breakfast fuels your day! I can always tell by early afternoon if I’ve had a good breakfast or if I ate pop tarts! An example of one of my breakfasts is 1 slice of peanut butter toast, banana, small glass of milk. Or oatmeal w/ apples and almonds.
  6. Exercise (these next 5 will be about exercising) – Get moving! It’s that simple. With all the ways you can exercise now…you have no excuse! But until you are uncomfortable, you aren’t going to see those results!
  7. Cardio – The best way to burn mega calories fast is obviously cardio! My favorite form is running and spinning (cycle class). Just between those two I usually burn around 1000 calories, I usually do them back to back at the gym. It’s just easier for me that way. I also love to hit the pavement when I have the chance, running outside is WAY better than a treadmill! Other great forms of cardio are elliptical, walking, & Zumba! Find what you “love” and start sweating!!
  8. Get Uncomfortable! – Exercise isn’t “easy”. Your mind quits way before your body does…so see how far/long you can push yourself! 
  9. Set goals – Having goals gives you motivation! When I signed up for my half-marathon I could run about 5 miles, I thought I was crazy! There were days I was pretty certain I was going to die running…but I stuck with it because that half-marathon was happening. Plus I’d already paid the entrance fee for it! 😉
  10. Hydrate!! – Ok, I know I said the next 5 were going to be about exercising…but let’s face it, hydration and exercise go hand-in-hand! 

Like I said before, I’m not a personal trainer, but those 10 tips above have really helped me get to where I am today! I hope by June 2012 to have run my first full marathon. 

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