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Waterpark fun!!

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 My friend Cari is in from Iowa visiting her brother and friend. So today Cari, her two boys, Cari’s brother and her friend Sarah and her three kids, along with Soph and I all went to Kings Dominion. I wasn’t sure at first, just because it’s primarily roller coasters and thrill rides. But I’m so glad I decided to go because the kids had a blast in the water park and I got to ride a few rides with the older kids. All in all a great day!! Sophie did so good and just loved playing with all the other kids. She hadn’t seen Ryan and Tyler since she was 3 months old!

 Beautiful baby Ry-Ry!!
 My sweet Ty-dye!
Sophie and Ryan – future husband and wife!! hehe
And just for fun, here is Sophie and Ryan back in May/June 2010. Sophie already claiming what is hers!! ha ha

Sophie Fun!

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We’ve been in Tennessee these past few days and Sophie has absolutely LOVED running around Nana & Grandaddy’s house!! They have lots of yard and things to explore! I took off her dress because she insisted on rolling around in the grass!

New way to scrapbook!

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I’ve never had the patience to sit down and scrapbook. If you ask me, it’s to time consuming. I know, it’s family memories, but I just can’t make myself sit down and do it! But Shutterfly has come to my rescue!! I thought just their basic photo books were amazing…but now they have updated their custom path books and they are even more amazing!! Here’s a sneak peak in to a few books I’m working on…

Above is the cover for a family photo book.
Another page from the family book.
 A page documenting “generations”.
I love the yellow background – can you tell??
The shot above is from my best friend’s wedding – I have made her a book and have already ordered it. Loved that picture!
So seriously, if you want an amazing way to document your family pictures and memories…you can’t go wrong with Shutterfly. With the average cost of a 20 page book at $20, you can’t beat it!!

Something to ponder…

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This morning the message at church was just for me (or so it felt that way!). The Pastor taught out of James 3. The particular passage talks about “taming the tongue”.  The verse that really convicted me was…

With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. 10Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be.

How true this is for me! And I don’t walk around actually cursing at people…but how often I have wanted too…and yes I admit that. I’m not perfect. I don’t know how many times I have left church and get so mad at everybody driving. That might be a lame example, but it’s so true! Here I just left a worship service, and while on the way home I’m yelling at people because they aren’t driving how I think they should be. Or the lady at the check-out line is moving to slow. Or Taco Bell once again messed up my order. I know these things seem petty. But the passage reminded me, those people, just like me were made in the image of God. And how hypocritical it is of me to “curse” or belittle someone. I often hear people out in public and think, my gosh if they could just hear the way they are talking. It’s not often I stop and ask myself the same question. When I talk, what do other people hear? I really wrestled with that today!  The Pastor also said this and it just smacked me right between the eyes.

Expressions don’t define who you are…but your tongue does.

I’ve OFTEN been told I have the most hateful expressions and “death” stares…I honestly don’t have a clue what people are talking about…ha ha. I always laugh it off and blame my father for them. I really hope and pray that my tongue doesn’t reflect my expressions.
Just wanted to share my thoughts about the sermon this morning, it was definitely much needed for me!


Crazy 8’s Roadrace

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This was my first 8K road race! And it just so happens that the World’s Fastest 8K is ran in my hometown of Kingsport, TN! So I ran in this year along w/ my brother-in-law Austin and two great friends, Rachel and Sarah! My official time was 48 minutes. Not at all what I wanted, but I’ll take it. I got a pretty nasty side stitch at about mile 3 that lasted till the end…that was no fun at all running through that. But HUGE shout out to my girls Rachel and Sarah who ran strong and finished even stronger!
Rachel and I before the race!
My BIL and I.
 Only 1/2 mile left…I can do this. Not really, I’m dying!
 Yay, we got medals!

Darius Rucker concert

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Darius Rucker (from Hootie and the Blowfish) Concert!! I love all his music from his solo career as well as with Hootie. Sophie really enjoyed the music once it actually started! We are taking her to see Tim McGraw this weekend!

 Sophie singing along!
 More singing…
 Jaxon having a good time!

Free-hand bow…

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This next bow I sort of free handed…ha ha. But I think it’s actually my favorite of the 3.

 1. Cut 6 strips of ribbon to about 8 inches again.
 2. Covered my barrette.
 3. Formed a loop, using a small dab of glue to attach ends.
 4. Then using another dab of glue, press the centers together.
 5. Before stacking the ribbons, I glued the barrette clip first to the bottom ribbon.
6. I just alternated each ribbon, forming the asterisk shape again. Then glued the cute flower button to the center. 

Ribbon Flower Bows

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What you need:

  • Ribbon (your choice)
  • Buttons or patch
  • Barrette clips
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
Step 1: Start with covering the barrette clip with ribbon. Glue a small strip down the length of the ribbon and press to barrette. 

Step 2: Cut 4 lengths of ribbon to 8 inches.

Step 3: Form a loop with the ribbon, use a dab of glue to attach each end.
Step 4: Then with the loop, use another dab of glue on the inside of the loop and form a figure eight with the ribbon. (I totally forgot to picture the figure 8 step…sorry!!)
Step 5: Stack the figure eight loops, alternating ribbons if using two types, into an asterisk * or star-like shape. Use a dab of glue in-between each ribbon layer.
Step 6: Glue a ribbon, patch, or whatever you like to the center completing your bow!
Step 7: Finish the bow by gluing the barrette to the back!
This was the FIRST ribbon so it’s uneven and not exactly perfect…so please excuse it’s sloppiness! But you can the picture.
This was my third bow and it is MUCH better! I used 6 rows of ribbons instead of 4 for the one above too.

Getting Crafty!

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I’ve always said I don’t have a creative/crafty bone in my body. With that said, I’ve been wanting to make hair bows for Sophie. I figured it was time to at least attempt to be crafty. I found a super simple tutorial for ribbon flower bows from this blog… .
Here is my finished product:

The blue/pink polka dot is a little different from the top two. I’m going to post again how to make these easy ribbon bows!

First training week…

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I logged 19 miles this week just running. Not counting 4 spin classes and weights training. Trying to figure out how to do the same this week because it’s going to be crazy starting tomorrow. I can tell you one thing though…this heat is KILLING me! Where is the 50 degree weather!! I do look forward to running in So. California in a few months…no humidity!!!! But I’m glad this week is behind me, the first week back in the grind is always the hardest.