Let the training begin…

In Marathon, Running on June 26, 2011 at 8:41 pm

I’ve never been good at just making myself exercise, especially if there isn’t a specific “goal” I have set. So naturally after completing my half-marathon, the next logical step is the full. The only problem is, which run will I be running? One out in San Diego or will I still be here on the East Coast and run the Suntrust Richmond marathon. One is in October, the other in November. I’ve been extremely lazy with my running/training schedule since my half, but NO MORE! I do love running, but I need motivation. So even though I have no clue which marathon I’ll run, I’ve made my training schedule for the next 16-20 weeks and I’m going to run my little heart out!!

So you’ll know where to find me this summer!
Thank goodness I have found a babysitter to help me out 2 days a week for my longer runs. So between the open road, treadmill, and the babysitter – hopefully I can accomplish a full marathon by the end of this year! I have my next race in a few weeks…an 8K!
  1. You can do it for sure!

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