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Let the training begin…

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I’ve never been good at just making myself exercise, especially if there isn’t a specific “goal” I have set. So naturally after completing my half-marathon, the next logical step is the full. The only problem is, which run will I be running? One out in San Diego or will I still be here on the East Coast and run the Suntrust Richmond marathon. One is in October, the other in November. I’ve been extremely lazy with my running/training schedule since my half, but NO MORE! I do love running, but I need motivation. So even though I have no clue which marathon I’ll run, I’ve made my training schedule for the next 16-20 weeks and I’m going to run my little heart out!!

So you’ll know where to find me this summer!
Thank goodness I have found a babysitter to help me out 2 days a week for my longer runs. So between the open road, treadmill, and the babysitter – hopefully I can accomplish a full marathon by the end of this year! I have my next race in a few weeks…an 8K!

A few summer reads!

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Posting some books I’ve enjoyed reading so far…

So, I’m getting ready to start this one…
If you’re a Twilight fan, I highly recommend these books. More “adult” version of Twilight. This is the latest book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. 
Absolutely LOVED this book!
Ok, so I may not be competing in an Ironman anytime soon (if ever). But this book offers great tips for any athlete…


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It’s been a whirlwind week!!! I left last Wednesday for Tennessee, then headed to Florida on Sunday. Taylor flew down Monday to meet up with us. Then we drove 916 miles back to NOVA yesterday/last night. I just have to say, my daughter is an absolute angel when traveling. I really had no idea what to expect and she did amazing! We are so blessed!
 Not the first time @ the ocean, but first time there being mobile.
 In St. Augustine.
 Yup, true Culberson for sure!
 More St. Augustine…the water was beautiful!
Such the trooper she is!
 She absolutely LOVED the ocean. It was so clear/blue and about 85 degrees…perfect!
 Love my family!
 Sheer happiness…

The main reason we traveled to Florida (before moving to Cali) was so Taylor’s grandparents could meet Sophie. His grandparents are two of the most precious people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting!! I’m so happy Sophie was able to meet them. She instantly loved them both! Wish we could’ve stayed longer!

The difference in 2 years!

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 The above picture was taken in April 2009. I was the heaviest I had ever been. And I know some people might say, well I wasn’t that big, and I wasn’t…but I had gained 60lbs since getting married. This was a few months before getting pregnant. I was d-e-t-e-r-m-i-n-e-d to lose every last pound (well, most of it).

June 2011. I am down 50 lbs exactly. I have tri-ceps!!! Who would’ve thought those would ever show?? ha ha.

You guessed it…

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Went to the base pool today w/ friends! We had a blast and I must say Sophie is a water bug!!!

More pool time!

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 So, get used to seeing pool pictures! I’m sure there will be a ton this summer! Check out the above picture as Auntie A.J. pointed out, Sophie is giving some major ‘tude to the camera!

 Snack time.
 She melts my heart!

 Got a few plants for our porch. I still need to find some to actually plant, can’t decide on what I want though!

The Yucca Cane tree is for Father’s Day…too bad Taylor can’t be here to enjoy it! 😦

Sophie adventures.

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If you’re wondering what “a day in the life…” of Sophie is like…take a look…
 Our morning starts off with milk.
 We usually have one meltdown in the morning hours. LOL. This one ensued in the bathroom because I wouldn’t let her play in the cabinet.
 We read these 3 books MULTIPLE times a day. 
 She empties her diaper bag several times a day. Or any other bag she gets her hands on!
 We go to the gym!
Then we usually have a bedtime meltdown…she is going through this “I hate having my diaper/clothes changed” phase.
But how amazingly sweet and precious is this baby girl. We’re so blessed!