A look back…

In Uncategorized on December 21, 2010 at 2:22 am

Wow. I can’t believe another year has come and gone so quickly! A LOT has happened for Taylor and I this year. The year started off with me being 8 months pregnant and flying down to Florida to visit Grandparents. Then a few short weeks later, Sophie made her arrival. On 3/10/10 to be exact!! I had my best friend Hailey here with me, which made the already special event even more special. My parents and MIL arrived shortly after she was born. When Sophie decided she was coming, there was no stopping her and she has been stubborn ever since!!! Nobody can warn you about becoming a parent…they try…but until it happens to you, you have no idea. Several times this year I have found myself in tears over the love that God has for me. After becoming a parent, I can understand a small portion of unconditional love. I cannot imagine giving my daughter to save someone else. And yet that is exactly what God did. She has been the sweetest blessing I could have ever received. She was an unplanned surprise, but those are always the best right?? The first few months were a rollercoaster to say the least…but with a lot of prayer and sometimes crying, we made it through! LOL. Summer rolled around and I couldn’t even imagine my life before Sophie. It’s like she had always been with us, our little sidekick! She is such a “dada’s” girl and tries to imitate everything Taylor does. She just turned 9 months and has a clean bill of health. For that we couldn’t be happier. I thank the Lord everyday for her health and strong will. I do believe that will take her far in life..ha ha! I hope she never settles and dreams big! I know the Lord has an amazing plan for her life! As we are about to celebrate Christmas, I look back over this year and realize the only gift I need is the love of my family and the blessing that is my daughter. Thank you Jesus for the gift of life eternal. For grace and mercy and unconditional love. Happy Birthday to You!

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