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Tomorrow (Friday) I will be 34 weeks. 6 more weeks to go!! So far I’m still doing good. My back pretty much kills me all the time Right now that’s my only complaint. Sophie is still very active, I wonder if this is a sign of things to come? Last night she was moving around for her daddy…but everytime she would move he would say “eww”…I told him that’s why she doesn’t move…hehe. Taylor did say he couldn’t wait to have Sophie so he had something to “snuggle” with…because I had Maverick and he feels left out. (Don’t tell him I said that…haha). Well, that’s just a small update on us…can’t wait to see everyone this weekend!!

2010 Blizzard

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On Feb. 5/6th we got about 22 inches of snow during this “Snowmegeddon”. Other areas got over 30 inches!!
Playing around in the snow.

Not sure what I’m looking at…but it’s a beautiful day!

You could literally pick up “blocks” of snow off the cars…made it easier.

Almost made it over the trucks bumper.

And we are supposed to get more Tuesday..ahhh!!

33 Weeks

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Tomorrow I will be 33 weeks along. 7 more to go!! I had my Dr.’s appointment today…everything is still looking good. Miss Sophie is head down (they did an ultrasound) and her heartbeat is strong! I was feeling really anxious before my appointment, but my Dr. put my mind at ease and I left feeling a lot better. My next appointment is in a month, then I will go every week after that.