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My favorite lil guy!

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Smiling at his aunt cay-cay!

Making faces at my dad…

Birthday, Baby, & More…

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Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes and cards! We both had great days and we’re thankful to be celebrating another year!
Today I’m also 21wks along. Up until today, I haven’t really felt Sophie move (maybe a flutter every now and then). But I’ve been feeling her all day today. She started kicking early this afternoon while Pepper was laying agaisnt my stomach and hasn’t stopped. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for a better birthday present! It’s just so totally different from what I expected.
I had my monthly check-up yesterday and everything is progressing well. Sophie’s heartrate was great and the Dr. was pleased with my size/growth. It’s so weird to think at my next appointment, I will be 6 months already!
Hope everyone is doing well…and can’t wait for Thanksgiving…to finally be home for a few days!

Veterans Day

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My Vet!
I’m thankful for each sacrifice Taylor has made for this country. And while he is home this Thanksgiving, there are thousands are aren’t. My thoughts and prayers are with those service members and their families. May God bless you and keep you safe!
Oh, and Happy 234th Birthday USMC, you are looking pretty darn good!

HMX-1 Marine Corps Birthday Ball

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Me @ the hotel.

Us, all dressed up.

My hair.

BABY! This was after we got home…

This was our first military ball. It was in Tyson’s Corner, VA at the beautiful Sheraton.

Sophie Renee Culberson

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Here is my lil Sohpie Renee Culberson. She is healthy and well developed. She is about 11 ounces, and I can’t remember how long she was. I didn’t get very many good ultrasound pics, this one is about the best. After the tech flipped me a few times trying to get her to cooperate, she threw her arm over her face and was like “enough”! My lil stubborn Sophie! She has really long legs, all 10 fingers and toes! 🙂 Can’t wait to meet her!

Almost 5 months…

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Incase anybody wants to see how “big” I am. I almsot cried when I saw this picture…haha. It’s weird and hard to explain. So tomorrow is the BIG day. Keep checking back for updates and pictures!