Happy 29th Birthday Sean!!!!

In Uncategorized on September 21, 2009 at 7:50 pm

My oldest brother Sean is celebrating his 29th birthday today. I think my parents consider all 4 of us their “miracle” children, but I consider Sean even more so. Dr’s said Sean would never live past age 9 (if he made it that far), they told my parents he would always be tube fed (Sean eats more than any person I’ve ever known, he was a small toddler when the tubes came out), my parents were basically told to not waste their time on Sean. Growing up with a special needs brother taught me that everybody deserves a chance and you can learn, even from someone who can’t comunicate in normal ways. Sean continues to be a blessing in my life as well as others who know him. He enjoys music and food the most and is spoiled rotten to the core.

Taylor and I love you Sean, here’s to the next 29 years…way to show those Dr’s!!
  1. Happy Birthday Sean!! He is such a sweetheart. I remember him at Gina's watching CMT and clapping his hands. I remember they said the dr's said he would never understand….I am witness that he does understand what you say. I remember he was in the spare room jumping on the bed and when he came out, Gina told him that he left the light on, he turned around and crawled back in there and turned the light off. Gina praised him and he smiled and laughed. He totally understands….those dr's just didn't realize how big his heart was and just how many people care for him. I hope he has many many more birthdays.

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