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Baby Culberson

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Little hand waving in the air.

Back of babies body, he/she didn’t want to flip around.

Tuesday I FINALLY had my first “baby” appointment. I wasn’t expecting an ultrasound but was very happy to find out I would be getting one. I will be 14wks tomorrow (Friday)…and feeling better every day. My due date is March 27th and I literally can’t wait!! I really hate Taylor missed the first ultrasound. The baby was VERY active…it was flipping and kicking, waving it’s little arms. It would spread all it’s little fingers out. It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. I already love this little baby more than life itself. The Dr. said everything looked great and the baby looked healthy. The heartbeat sounded good.
My next appointment is Oct. 15th and I should be able to schedule my next ultrasound after that.

Magical World of Disney

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Hailey and I visted Walt Disney World about a week ago. We had a blast. It was my first time, so I was really a kid again.

Us @ Epcot

My favorite pic 🙂

My favorite princess of all – Belle!

Mulan – one of my fav Disney movies.

Minnie was so cute!

Happy 29th Birthday Sean!!!!

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My oldest brother Sean is celebrating his 29th birthday today. I think my parents consider all 4 of us their “miracle” children, but I consider Sean even more so. Dr’s said Sean would never live past age 9 (if he made it that far), they told my parents he would always be tube fed (Sean eats more than any person I’ve ever known, he was a small toddler when the tubes came out), my parents were basically told to not waste their time on Sean. Growing up with a special needs brother taught me that everybody deserves a chance and you can learn, even from someone who can’t comunicate in normal ways. Sean continues to be a blessing in my life as well as others who know him. He enjoys music and food the most and is spoiled rotten to the core.

Taylor and I love you Sean, here’s to the next 29 years…way to show those Dr’s!!

Happy September!

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Not much has been happening in our little world. Taylor and I went to our first “pregnancy” dr. appointment yesterday. It was only a consultation and they took like 10 tubes of blood from me. I have another checkup on Sept. 22nd. This whole process is really going to frustrate me. I won’t have my first ultrasound until my 16-20wk checkup…which I guess is how the military does things. But I guess on a happy note, they told me I would find out the sex of the baby at that appointment. So we are looking at late October. I also found out that I could’ve had my consultation at Quantico and there is a MTF in Woodbridge (which isn’t as far as DeWitt). So I learned to never listen or trust Tri-Care, because they have no clue what is going on. Government healthcare for ya! The Dr. yesterday gave us alot of helpful hints as far as dealing with Tri-Care…and our options. Taylor had a nice little vacation for Labor Day but now is back at work. I’m heading home tomorrow and leave Saturday for Disney World!! 🙂 Well, there’s a small update on us…I must get back to laundry!