Maverick and Me

In Uncategorized on June 30, 2009 at 10:39 pm

Maverick almost lost his precious little life today. Well, I’m partially kidding, but kinda serious too. I woke up entirely on the wrong side of the bed this morning…I was grumpy, sick, had a terrible headache, and was kinda feelin groggy…thanks to the Nyquil. I was NOT in the mood to deal with Maverick. So here is how our day started…I’m in the bathroom, not even a minute later Maverick shows up. I warned him as he walks through the door to not even mess with me today. He goes straight to my magazine basket in the floor and starts chewing. (Anybody that knows Maverick well, knows he LOVESSS to chew.) I was like, “Seriously Mav?”…so I shew him out the door. He heads straight to my bedroom, I know what his next target is…my flip flops. I find him in the floor chewing away on the straps to my favorite black sandals…they aren’t really flip flops. Oh I could’ve have beaten him. So I kick him out of my bedroom. What’s next you might ask?? Well, the poor PS3 chords behind our tv are his next victim. This really made me mad. He proceeds to pull the chords out from behind the tv, 1 at a time and starts chewing. I have never even seen him do this. Don’t even know what gave him the idea. After I give him a “talking” to, I sit down on the couch…oh it’s not over yet. He then jumps onto the kitchen table, at first he is just looking around…as soon as I’m not looking he knocks my sunglasses off the table.
Maybe my patience is being tested? I’m not sure…but he was really working my last nerve today. He did finally calm down and sleep most of the day. That is until Taylor arrives home and then he punishes Taylor for being gone. The picture above is him laying w/ Taylor. Because you know, he never gets any attention.

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