My American Idol Experience

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Once inside the Dome, waiting to audition.

5am crowd shot..

We were herded onto the field in groups of 4 to be slaughtered. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t that intense, I’m just saying… 🙂

For those wondering….
Well, I wish I could post saying that we both made it through to see Randy, Paula, & Simon…but that isn’t the case. In fact, I’m not totally sure that the 3 judges are there.

It is NOTHING like what we expceted or what you see on T.V. Lindsay and I arrived around 5am this morning, we stood in line for almost 3 hours before we started moving. Once inside we found our seats and settled in. There was an MC like guy on the field teaching everybody the “crowd” song, which was “Oops, I Did It Again” by Britney Spears. He said it’s because AI has been to Atlanta 5 times now. So we sang the chorus of that like 100 times in a row, I guess to make sure they could get all the video footage they needed. Then we shouted things like “We’re back in Atlanta” and “I’m the next American Idol” for the cameras. You might see us on TV when they air the audition cities…we were holding a bright pink sign that said “We’ve got Georgia on mind – American Idol Season 9”.

Anyways, after all that was filmed, we were told that we would be auditioning by section. Thankfully we were in the second section, so we didn’t have to wait forever. On the field there were about 10-11 booths set up w/ 1-2 judges at each table. Just producers for the show. It eventually became our time to move. Once on the field, we were spilt up into groups of 4 and then given a booth to audition at. My group was 3 girls (including me) and 1 guy. Honestly, the other 3 people in my group were amazing. Especially the guy, I felt so bad for him that he didn’t make it. No one in my group or the 2 before us made it through. I was shocked. No one in Lindsay’s group made it either.

Believe me when I say, it doesn’t matter if you can sing like Whitney Houston…if those judges don’t like what they see, they won’t give you the yellow ticket. Everybody in my group was told “you all 4 have great voices, you just aren’t what we are looking for for Season 9”. I had a male and female judge. The male judge couldn’t have acted more uninterested in what we were singing and the female judge would get up and leave and come back. Also believe me when I say, that the good, talented singers farrrrr out-number the bad. I mean, we saw a few whack jobs…but nothing like what you see on T.V. I heard ALOT of very talented singers today…and was shocked to see alot of them didn’t make it. Until you actually make it to the 3 judges, it’s all VERY random. So the ones that make it to Hollywood are very lucky indeed.

I don’t know if I’ll audition again. I’m glad I did it though, I now know what to expect. Lindsay and I decided that tomorrow we are gonna head to Six Flags and ride rollercoasters… 🙂

Thanks to everybody for the words of encouragement…I wish I had good news. Just guess we weren’t one of the lucky ones.

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