VA Arts Festival 2009

In Uncategorized on May 2, 2009 at 4:17 pm

Taylor was able to be a part of the VA Arts Festival this year in Norfolk, VA. He was in the International Tattoo program. He and 5 other guys re-enacted (spelling?? sorry!) the Iwo Jima flag raising. I was able to get a video…but we were so far away from the front of the stage, pictures were near impossible. I’m hoping the website will post better pictures/video. They performed along side the Marine Corps band Quantico. The band was amazing. Actually the whole show was amazing. I’m very glad I fought 3 hrs of traffic and made it with 4 minutes to spare. It was well worth it!!

Video of flag raising (oh and sorry, me and another wife were cheering them on…haha) And I was so upset at all the fog…that’s why I’m hoping someone post a better video.

Another video of the Civil War band…I didn’t realize until after the show, but Taylor said these were all highschool kids. Very talented. They were one of my favorites. You know how I’m partial to drummers…hehe.

More Civil War band..

Last but not least, the Marine Corps drum line…

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