D.C. – Day 2

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Yesterday (Friday) was a great day for exploring the Capitol! We got to visit most everything we had planned. The Lord held off the rain and it was warm, really beautiful weather. We started in Arlington, then boarded the Tourmobile which took us all over D.C. We however did not make it to the Jefferson or Tidal Basin because of time. So we didn’t really get a good look at the Cherry Blossoms 😦 But here are a bunch of pictures…so enjoy!

Dad & Mamaw on Metro.
At Arlington


Tomb of the Unknown
Mom and I at the Lincoln Memorial
Mamaw, Mom, & Dad
My Papaw served in Vietnam (and Korea)
Sorry it’s a little blurry. But the White House – as close as we could get.
One of the Birds…
Me outside of the White House
I will post pictures from today sometime tomorrow. I will also try to post the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown…I think it was the neatest thing I’ve ever witnessed. It was amazing!
  1. Love your sightseeing pics! Moving to see the ones of your Gram at the wall. Don’t forget that the MC’s Silent Drill Team does Tuesday night parades at Arlington throughout the summer. Take a picnic!

  2. I’ve already looked that up Sarah!! (it’s funny you mention it) That’s something Taylor and I are looking forward to seeing!!

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