A little show called American Idol.

In Uncategorized on March 5, 2009 at 3:06 am

I thought I would “blog” about something other than my life…haha.
I cannot tell you why I keep watching this talentless show each week. There is no way, out of a couple hundred thousand people, that this is the best they could find. I refuse to believe it!!
I’ve watched this show every season…usually being pleased with most of the contestants, and most of the winners have gone on to have much success. But this season just plain ole stinks!! Every year, I seriously consider attending one of the many auditions they hold nationwide, just to see if I was “good” enough to make it through. I know I’m no Whitney Houston…but I do think I am rather talented. But I always talk myself out of it. I even had a hotel booked last year in Charleston, S.C…and scared me backed out. I always think, how could I compete with the likes of Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, or even Daughtry – they all have mad talent!
With that said, after seeing this years group, I’m 100% confident I could compete.
I guess I will continue watching. There is a ray of hope in 16yr. old Allison…the spunky redhead. I will be pulling for her…crossing my fingers she stays true to herself.
Just some of my thoughts…

  1. yay! i hope you do compete, that’d be awesome!!!

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