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If any of you watched the news this past week you would have seen that President Obama, made his first international trip to Canada. Taylor had the chance to be able to take his first there. Here are some pictures he took, from what I can see, Canada was very beautiful!!

The hotel he stayed at.

Country side.

The airport…hmm.

I really thought this picture was gorgeous! Taken from the air.

Taylor brought my back this beautiful golden leaf. I loved it!!

Kitty Kitty

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Just some cute pictures.

Boo on Valentine’s Day..

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So, I really dislike Valentine’s Day. Can someone explain to me why we need one certain day to express our love? Why is it that everybody feels the need to spend atleast $50+ on flowers, chocolates, cards, etc…? I also think it’s a pretty crappy day for people who don’t have a “special” someone. I tell Taylor everyday that “I love him” and vice versa. Yeah, I guess Valentine’s Day is cute when you are little. But seriously, I don’t need someone telling me that I have to show more “love” on February 14th than any other day of the year.
Maybe I’m just a negative person. I don’t know.
So Taylor and I won’t be going on a Valentine’s “date” and he won’t be bringing home flowers that I will most likely kill in a few days.
I’m not trying to offend anybody who does celebrate this day of love. Just sharing my thoughts. So to those of you that celebrate…Happy Valentine’s Day!

Chatsworth Park

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Yesterday I started my first day of work at my first assignment. It was a bit of a drive…and my morning was rather rough. But after talking to my mom and feeling her prayers throughout the afternoon, it did get better!!
I’m working at a community called Chatsworth Park, it’s a huge complex and I will be working there through March 1st.

Well hello blog!

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I feel like I haven’t updated the ole blog in a while. I recently got my hair chopped off…actually on Tuesday.. 🙂

Here is Maverick being good for a change. I thought it looked cute in B&W.

Also, here is a video of Pepper playing. I actually cut it off too soon, because as you can see Maverick comes running at him and he gets all mad. Wish I had caught it on camera.