Arlington Cemetary and more…

In Uncategorized on January 11, 2009 at 2:17 am

So Taylor and I went to Arlington National Cemetary this afternoon…it was overcast and chilly, it also started raining, so we didn’t stay as long as planned. But we will go back when my family comes up in March. Taylor went last weekend, 3 of the men that were KIA during their first deployment are buried there. 2 from Kilo, 1 – LCPL Wolfe from WPNS. Taylor knew Wolfe and worked with him daily. I had never met him, but had the opportunity to meet his family at the 3/2 memorial service in 2007. What a sweet sweet family they were! We took an arragement to his gravesite and paid our respects.

This was my first trip to Arlington, it was surreal and humbling…and many feelings I can’t describe. I wanted to witness the change of guards, but like I said before it started raining and there was no where we could park. This is really the only thing we stopped and did. We went back to Ikea and I got my futon…now assembling it! Also went to Potomac Mills mall – never going back! Lol. It was nice, but geez…wayyyyy too many people for my taste.
I have to give props to our Navigon for navigating us around D.C….she did a real nice job!! Thanks to mom and dad Culberson!!!

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