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I thought this might be kind of fun and interesting. Since 2008 is now behind us, I thought I would recap some of my favorite things. They are not in any order, just me sharing some favorite things from 2008…and maybe a few things I’m looking foward to in 2009.
1. The Dark Knight – This probably would be my top pick of 2008. Not only was it an amazing movie (SEE IT if you havent’t already) but it also really showed the good vs. evil and how good will always win in the end. Heath Ledger was an amazing Joker…really no one else will be able to top his performance. I just bought it on BlueRay today…Target had it for $22!!!
2. Faith Hill’s “Joy To The World” Christmas cd – Anybody that knows me really well, know’s that Faith Hill is my “idol”. I’ve loved her from “Wild One” and I think will always love everything she does. And we have that adoption thing going on… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyways, for the past several years rumors have been wild about a Christmas cd. Finally in September she released one. It’s very traditional…but her version of “Little Drummer Boy” will bring you to tears. Buy it, hey I’m sure it’s on clearance :).
3. The Shack – All I have to say is “life-changing”. Please read if you have the chance.
4. 24-Redemtion – This only made it that much harder to wait for the 7th season of 24 to return to TV. I’m so glad to have Jack Bauer back saving the world!!
5. Florida vs. Alabama – Also if you know me, you know I love me some college football. And since the Vols sucked…the highlight was watching FL & AL duke it out. Glad to say the Gator’s came out victorious.
6. Guitar Hero & Rock Band – I think I only loved these because it brings back good memories of playing until 4am with some pretty amazing neighbors! Let the good times roll…
7. Mi Cabana Mexican Food – So I hate to even say this…but La Caretta has nothing on Jacksonville’s Mi Cabana. We probably ate there atleast twice a week, which thinking about is really sad…but it was that good. I miss that place greatly.
8. Baby Nathan’s arrival – I became really good friends w/ one of the other wives from 3/2. We were pretty much inseperable. She was pregnant when I met her, so when Nathan finally arrived, I was so excited to meet him. I tried to spoil him rotten until we moved. He truly is the sweetest baby boy ever! I can’t wait to see him again (hopefully in a few weeks)!!
9. Wilmington, NC trips – My friend Megan and I made countless trips to Wilmington, NC. Everytime getting lost and making countless u-turns. We always had to have Kilwin’s ice cream and shop at Khols and one time we did the Ghost Walk, when it started POURING down rain. I’ve never seen rain so hard. Come to find out, there had been tornadoes in the area. Oh well. It was fun and a lot of good memories were made.
10. Dad playing drums again… – If you have ever seen my dad play drums, you will know why this is on my list. My dad was called into the ministry a few years ago and upon leaving Indian Springs, he also left behind his drum sticks. I don’t think he realized until returning to ISBC how much he missed it. Later this year I finally got to see him play again after several years. It was so sweet and awesome to watch. It brought tears to my eyes. You may think this is silly. But this is truly his way of worshiping. Not even colon surgery could slow the man down! I’m hoping to see him continue to rock out on drums in 2009!
So there is my list of favorite things/events from 2008. It really was a great year. Taylor also returned from his 2nd deployment in Iraq. I’m forever praising God for keeping him safe.
I can only hope 2009 is half as good…1 thing I’m looking foward to…24 baby!!!!!!!! Oh and the ever so cheesy American Idol, what can I say?

  1. Love the new Look! Also loved the list…may have to borrow the concept! Love you!

  2. go right ahead…i borrowed it from someone else..hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. go right ahead…i borrowed it from someone else..hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

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