DC Traffic = Nightmare

In Uncategorized on December 10, 2008 at 2:14 am

So today we headed to DC….actually we were in search of Anacostia Naval Base…which just happens to be in the heart of DC, or so it felt like. After a few u-turns and I’m pretty sure some illegal u-turns…we finally found the base. Only to be told that there was no uniform shop on that partiular base. We were directed back over the river and into traffic to the “Naval Yard”…luckily they had a NEX and we found what we needed. I made Taylor buy his PT uniforms for all the trouble we had to go through. We really didn’t stop and be tourists (there is plenty of time for that later) but I got to see the Pentagon and backside of Arlington, which was really cool. We also stopped by the HUGE Ikea store. I found a futon that I NEEEEED in my guest bedroom. Guess we will be making a trip back to Ikea. I had never seen a store so big it needed it’s own parking garage. Oh well…
I wish I had been able to snap a few pictures to show, but I was to busy trying to navigate for Taylor. Maybe next time 🙂
We hope to be coming home next week, seeing if we get unpacked. Furniture comes tomorrow…yay!
More updates and pictures to come. G’nite all!

  1. There is an ikea in Atlanta that Kami and I have been to before… it is the coolest store!

  2. Just remember that Ikea products + military movers = travel clams every 3 yrs. It is quite the impressive store. So you were hunting those yellow shirts and blue shorts? Glad I-95 hasn’t changed. Good luck with the movers in the morning.

  3. Oh yes, their furniture is very cheaply made…no doubt! haha

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