Arrival in Fredericksburg

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We have now officially arrived in Fredericksburg, VA. It took us exactly 5 hours…most of that spent on I-95 with the crazy drivers. That is the one thing that will take a long time to adjust to, is the crazy Virginia drivers. (Sorry Virginians…hehe) When I say crazy, I mean, most of them go 95mph on I-95…haha. And everywhere else for that matter. But I think that is something I can get used to…just an excuse to drive fast 😉 Sorry mom!

I really think I will love this place!! Between my exit and the Route 3 exit, we have everything we could ever need. Just to name a few places I’m excited about…
1. A & W – can’t tell you how excited I was when I saw this!! 2. Lifeway Christian Bookstore 3. Krispey Kreme 4. Qudoba 5. Smokey Bones. And that is just 1 exit…can’t wait to really start exploring. We are going to head to Quantico tomorrow, to mainly grocery shop at the commissary but also to explore the base.
So I know everyone would love to see our new apartment. I LOVE LOVE LOVE where we are living. It’s a pretty big complex, very much to itself and quiet. We have a 3rd floor 2 bedroom/2 bath apt. We have so much more room and I love our 13ft ceilings. Pepper and Maverick are adjusting as well. Pepper better than Maverick, but he is coming around. Maverick is still and little bit jumpy and is kinda pitiful. Pepper is enjoying exploring and sniffing around. He especially loves the tops of our cabinets. He discovered those this morning and also figured our that Maverick cannot jump up there. He stayed up there and slept for about 3hrs this afternoon. On to the pictures…
Master BR
Master Bathroom w/ Taylor
Living Room w/ our balcony door
One set of track lighting in Kitchen (my favorite feature)
Taylor in our Kitchen
Pepper’s new favorite place
On a sad note…poor Jerry did not survive the trip. Actually he did survive the drive but when I returned him to his aquarium, he shortly thereafter died 😦 He was a trooper though.
So we now start our new adventure here in Fredericksburg/Quantico, VA. A few of our neighbors are in the Marine Corps or Navy…and we even met some neighbors from Tennessee 🙂 Hopefully I can post more pictures soon of around our complex. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts while we moved.
Let the adventure begin…
  1. how exciting to see your new place… i’m sure you’ll have it all set up soon and ready to entertain, right? cause i’m thinking that you won’t be too far from Baltimore and we’ll have to make a detour your way when we travel some time!be sure to locate the ikea store for us. :)hope to see your beautiful face over the christmas holiday.

  2. I love your new place…very chic! 😉 I like the lighting too! Poor kitties…hope they adjust soon. Glad you've found so much to do just on one exit. A&W-I'm jealous! That sounds good right now! 🙂 Good luck getting settled in these next few weeks. I know it won't be easy. We are praying for you guys, glad the move went so smoothly!Hope to see you soon!

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