Yay for Fall!

In Uncategorized on October 9, 2008 at 4:17 pm

Fall is my favorite season of the year and I can’t tell you how excited I am about fall weather. It really makes me miss the mountains of Tennessee though. It’s finally starting to cool down here in North Carolina…not as humid. But soon Taylor and I will be headed for Northern Virginia. The first week of December to be exact. We finally found a place to live in Fredericksburg, VA. Taylor found the apartments online and I’ve been talking back and forth the past few days with them, and we secured a 3rd floor, 2bd/2ba apartment. Now I’m not exactly excited about moving to the 3rd floor, but that is what the military is for right? To move everything for us…lol. So I can’t complain. If you want to check them out, go to The kitchen is what really sold us on the apartments.

My last day of work will be Nov. 26th, then we will be busy bee’s, packing and moving. Taylor is still busy working on stuff/paperwork for this new job. We will also find out in December if he advanced, or “picked up” in military terms. That would be an answer to prayer if he did. I know his “fate” is already sealed, but if you think about it, say a quick prayer.

For those praying for my papaw, here is an update:

After my quick trip home to see my papaw, he was put in a nursing home. But because he is considered terminal, after about a week they sent him home. So now he is back at home w/ my mamaw with different people coming to check on him throughout the week. He is not eating, and hasn’t been eating for over a month now. They are just trying to make him as comfortable as possible until his passing. Still keep my mamaw and the rest of my dad’s family in your prayers.

Also, I forgot to post that last Friday(the 3rd) was my youngest brother, Alexander’s 17th birthday. I can’t believe he is 17! It makes me tear up everytime I think about him growing up. I can still remember those blonde curls and sweet smile…and blue eyes to die for. I always knew he would be a heartbreaker. I wish I had pictures to post of him when he was a toddler. But I will just post a picture of him from recent…

Sorry for the lack of updates, I seem to stay pretty busy w/ work and working out. That is my new hobby now.

  1. Cayla (caycay),So sorry to hear about your Papaw- I’ve been praying for you guys. Even when it is expected, it doesn’t make it any easier. Love you! I love your new apt! I’m glad you found a place and have a date to move. You’ll be settled before Christmas! That’s good! Love you girl! Hang in there!Anne

  2. F-Burg was my favorite little town. I loved the tea room and the used book shop. Oh and the custard stand, yummm. Be sure to catch the hometown christmas parade… so much fun there!

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