We got orders!!!!

In Moving on August 28, 2008 at 2:00 pm

I cannot tell you how excited I am about finally moving to our next duty station. While I love North Carolina (for the most part), I’m very excited about moving to Quantico, VA. Taylor finally received his orders there and we move the end of this year.

He will be going to HMX-1. I will let you google or Wikipedia it. Actually Wikipedia has a bit about HMx-1 and what happens there. To say the least, I’m very proud of what Taylor has accomplished so far in his Navy career. I’m trying to get him to blog, because I am not sure what all I can say about his new job.
So keep us in your prayers and hopefully we can see everyone really soon!
  1. Yay for orders… here’s the part where I say try the German restaurant on Rt 1 in Stafford, Casablanca’s on King St in Alexandria, get a metro card and the best maps of the mall are at the brown park services hut in front of the Lincoln Memorial. There, DC in a nutshell, enjoy I-95.

  2. So glad you’re blogging!! Now I can keep up with you! I am thrilled that you will be in VA soon, but I am so sorry that I never had the opportunity to visit with you in Jville. Hopefully, we can visit you in DC. I love the museums and hope to get the kids there one day soon.Love you guys!!!

  3. Welcome to the blogworld Caycay! You realize that you are forever CayCay in our eyes right? Congrats on the move…I’m sure you will be busy getting ready in the next few months. Tell Taylor hello! Love from K-town,Annecheck out our blog sometime too 🙂

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