Well hello there!

In Life on August 25, 2008 at 4:01 am

So, this is all very new to me. But I’ve noticed alot of cool blogs and decided Taylor and I needed one 😉

Hopefully we can both keep the outside world updated on our busy lives…well maybe not busy…but always entertaining!

As many of you know, Taylor is in the United States Navy and I’m his Navy wife 🙂 We are currently in the great state of North Carolina…Jacksonville to be exact. Life here isn’t all bad, if you love traffic (rush hour is all day everyday!), Marines everywhere, really BAD drivers, aircraft flying over all day (sometimes so low, you feel as though the ground is literally shaking), etc… I’m not complaining at all…it just isn’t East Tennessee. But at the same time, I have a sense of pride living here. The American flag is flying every corner you turn, and knowing that 90% of the population have volunteered to give of their life for people they will never meet…it truly is awesome!

I work as well, at Bluff Ridge Apts. I’m an assistant manager there and loving every minute. I’ve met some amazing military wives. I usually only see the wives, since most of the men are either deployed or working insane long hours. I can’t describe everything that I do. Some days I feel as though I’m babysitting…”No, you cannot put your down comforter in the dryer, it has the washing/drying instructions right on the tag” or “I’m sorry you have developed a ‘fly’ problem, but maybe you should take out your 500 bags of trash” (you think I’m kidding???) But I truly love helping people find their perfect apartment, whether it’s at Bluff Ridge or not. I think I’ve found my true calling. 🙂

Well, I will close with that. Hopefully we can continue blogging. I will try to get Taylor on here to update everyone on his new job in Quantico, VA. Soon it will be on to our next duty station!

Oh and here is a recent picture of Taylor and I, ya know incase you forgot what we look like 🙂

Night all!

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